Uncharted 3 patch 1.13 notes explained visually

The new multiplayer patch for Uncharted 3 is said to be the biggest ever and we are inclined to let our readers in on some details involved in the 1.13 patch, which came out yesterday. With help from community feedback and some new design ideas, this has been worked on for months and we have some highlights to run through.

New DLC for the multiplayer is expected from the 15th of August and this upcoming content can be unlocked either by earning the necessary in-game levels, completing specific treasure sets, or if you’d rather unlock a certain item quickly you can purchase it in the PS Store. In connection to the patch 1.13 notes, lead multiplayer game designer Robert Cogburn and Robert Ryan take you though the specifics which features a host of new systems, DLC and gameplay changes.

With over 100 new custom parts added including 28 custom durable head items that will increase and decrease your stats during gameplay, there is unique headgear for each individual character including those added from downloadable content along with new treasures to accompany the in game items. 50 new trophies to play for each DLC pack has 10 trophies assigned to it and 2 new legacy levels will unlock new items, emblems and badges, which you can only unlock by achieving these levels.

New micro transactions will be available to buy for those who want specific items or don’t have the time to obtain them, and this includes the multiplayer event items such as the PAX G-MAL and the Comic Con T-Shirt, although there are specific items that can only be purchased through the online store and the Jak Goggles were mentioned. In addition, two new character skins are accessible along with 17 brand new taunts.

A new tournament system gives users the opportunity to compete in weekly online tournaments, which allows users to win in-game prizes. As far as gameplay fixes are concerned, some adjustments have been made to the G-Mal aim settings and previously quitting out of co-op would count as a loss so this has been fixed along with those having problems when a marked man comes out of the game, as before no one will be left to mark. Other minor improvements have been made concerning everything from medals to leader board achievements in this extremely huge patch.

Some gamers are suggesting that this is more about milking more money and those not overly concerned with the multiplayer aspect are more interested in some single player DLC. Others feel that there should have been more considering this is such a big patch. To see an in-depth video of the designers discussing what is contained we have embedded it below, so take a look and let us know what you think. Are you hoping to see some single player DLC?