iPhone 5 to set records

It seems that the expectations are high for the new iPhone 5 with the assumption that this will sell over 250 million units, Apple’s vice president tells court each new model sells ‘the same as all previous models combined’. At the time of the ongoing Apple versus Samsung saga, senior VP Phil Schiller gave this company sales forecast under oath.

With Apple being the most profitable company on the globe, they have noticed a pattern to go by and this is due to each new generation having sold approximately equal to all previous generations combined. Highlighting this with chart images The Daily Mail online also report on the estimation that data tracker Asymco has found to reflect sales of nearly 250 million depending on whether this trend continues to hold water.

Asymco tests the theory as they look at the previous record of Apple’s best-selling device, and what some may call a guest-amation results in what Phil Schiller claims to be generally true. With reports that the 3G easily outsold the original iPhone it has been suggested that this was nearly four times the amount and looking right back you can see how this forecast was equated.

It has also been said that the Apple iPhone is a classic phone that revolutionized the market, so if this is the case questions are asked about whether iPhone 5 can sustain its growth and how many will actually be sold. Although with the likes of the 4S (and maybe 4) remain in production, the target continues to increase with time. In response to this article it has been suggested that if Apple do meet their target their next goal will be a near impossible task and even more so as time goes on.

Some may feel the likes of the powerful Samsung Galaxy S3 will also have an affect on the iPhone 5 figures along with a high price. In relation to this, a couple of months ago we reported on the iPhone 5 release date expected in one of 2 months, as two claims by respected sources have projected different dates with one saying September and the other saying October.

Before this, we wrote a post on display inadequacies for the iPhone 5 in comparison to its rivals, and with gaming being a huge priority for Apple over the years. This has amounted in some confusion over the screen size. Going back to the original topic, do you feel Apple is getting ahead of themselves with such forecasts? On the other hand, do you think that the addition of decent rival phones on the market will change their outlook from now on?