Sleeping Dogs early review scores

Not long to go now before Sleeping Dogs is released and this game is looking set to be one of the best titles, if not the best title to come out this summer. The reason we say this is because not only is this meant to have the best combat you’ll get in an open world game, but the lack of hype has caused this to be a surprise edition, which doesn’t seem to have much negativity surrounding it.

Looking at some early review scores, we feel that this game has made a big impression with many regarding Sleeping Dogs as a much better game than first anticipated. Plenty of gamers are now starting to get excited about its imminent arrival and there have been many calls for a demo on the PSN so that they can experience a taster before they rush out and buy it. With fluid gameplay and fun combat, those who have tried it out have nothing but good things to say about it.

In an article on Official Xbox Magazine, their view of Sleeping Dogs is that it is shorter than GTA IV, but sweeter, as they were not expecting such a good game, and to highlight some negativity, the main issue with this game is that it is a little short by open world standards, at about 14 hours in length. Although a very impressive 9 out of 10 has been awarded, they show plenty of admiration for what they call the sharp, well-acted storyline and varied missions. The news of this being a short game may concern some gamers, but it has been said that there are plenty of side missions to keep you occupied.

With DLC expected in the future there will be even more added yet those who have played it say that it has replayability and many gamers would rather have a shorter title with substance than a longer one that ends up with nothing worth mentioning. Another review score by OPM UK was also 9/10 and they describe Sleeping Dogs as “2012’s most brilliantly brutal surprise”. We also saw a review score a couple of days ago from Official PlayStation Magazine, which also gave it a 9/10 , so this is now developing a pattern, as Editor Ben Wilson regarded it as the “the best bits of a load of games you love pooled together with intelligence and humor”.

Our most recent article on Sleeping Dogs mentioned how long until it hits the PS3, which is now only 5 days away for those in the States and 8 days for those in the UK and Europe. As we wait patiently for this to arrive, we want to know if you have a problem with the length of the game. Do you think that titles like GTA IV are too long?

  • skillz

    Honestly I hope that the reviewer who finished the game in 14 hours was rushing through story missions pretty quick, and may have not done many or any side missions to slow down. Either way it still looks like a good game, and im sure that if people take their time to see everything that Sleeping Dogs has to offer that the game will last 20+ hours. Gta 4 is different in so many way’s but I think for me what made it run short was how meaningless the story and even main character’s were. The further I got through the game with Niko, the less interested I was. It’s ironic though because I love Gta 4 driving over any other open world game yet.

  • Freeky114

    I don’t think that the game will only last somthing between 10 / 15 hours.
    You can simply do anything, and incuding al the other content ( buying cars, safe houses etc. ) it will keep you busy for a longer period than GTA4.

  • Pazuzu

    I dont think games like GTAIV/Red Dead Redemption are too long…just TOO boring! Repetition sets in quick with these titles as a lack of imagination or innovation from said developer becomes quickly apparent. I played Skyward Sword to completion, a fairly long game, and had nothing but kind words at the finale. Regarding Sleeping Dogs, I cant bleeding wait, hopefully will be the game GTA should have been after the epic San Andreas…

  • Two Eight

    Who cares about console reviews, the graphics are shoddy and controllers suck. As long as it’s a good PC release, then that’s really all that matters. And for those who complain about PC “elitists” just remember, when devs show off their titles, they do so on computers……not consoles.

    • Ytf

      Haha. Bless this guy.

    • Myopinionisking

      PC gamers are nerds. Who wants to play on tiny screen with a big unco keyboard and mouse. Get with the times man!

      • LOl Brunt

        Actually smart ass now you can hook up your pc to tv screen and buy a controller. a pc is better overall.

  • Vinsta

    In one of the developer interviews I saw they said they main mission takes about 14 hours and all the side missions take 40 hours.

  • Nozomi Suzuki

    I think the reason the main story is too short is due to the ‘investigation missions.’ These set of missions are separate from the main story, but are just as varied in terms of mission structure. One of the devs stated a while back in a preview I read said that it would take at least six hours to do them all. And this is not including the ‘favours’ you can do for people to earn face points.

    I guess people how are just going to speed through the main story are going to be left a little disappointed by the overall length it takes to complete. However, for those of us who intend to do all the investigation missions, as well a fair amount (if not all) of the other content… I think we’ll be getting our money’s worth.

  • sutra

    I am buying it to give a big f@#k you to actvision for not supporting this game because it wasn’t going to be the annual cash cow they now rely on!!!!

  • CG

    Looks amazing and the lack of hype has massively impressed me. As for the length, no one can complain at 14+ hours when games like call of duty stand at 4 hours now I’m from the uk and games retail at £40 so for a new COD game I’m basically paying £10 an hour and that’s a rip off, and yes I’m ignoring the online mode because that’s not the game that’s a forum for 14 year old losers discussing my mothers social life.