Xbox 720 release window teased by MS

A recent job vacancy for a senior role at Microsoft’s entertainment division gives us the impression that the Xbox 720 release will be around a certain time as the advertisement suggests their next gen console will drop before 2014. With some saying that it is rumored to be coming out in the latter half of 2013, we are interested to see if this is just a tease by MS, or whether this is another speculative report that doesn’t have real substance to it.

The advert in question shows that Microsoft are looking for a Central Marketing Group director and claims that over the next eighteen months “MS will release new versions of all of their most significant products including Windows (Client, Server, Phone and Azure), Office and Xbox, along with completely new offerings like Microsoft Surface”. Breaking down this statement there is an assumption this will fall before 2014, which is amounting to more guesswork on the actual time of arrival.

Many wanting this to be true have suggested that this could be an E3 2013 reveal for an autumn launch in time for the Christmas and New Year of 2014, although some feel that this news does not mean that they will release the Xbox 720 before this time. Those wanting the next generation consoles to come sooner may have their own opinions on whether the current games devices still have plenty of life left in them, but there is still a feeling that Microsoft will continue to support the Xbox 360 for some time after the new console is released.

It has been said that the arrival of Nintendo’s Wii U may have an affect on how long Microsoft will want to hold out with the release of the 720 and this could amount to a 2013 drop regardless of what is rumored, and by 2014, the current consoles would have had far too much time on the market. The source of this news is reported by CVG and although Microsoft does not comment on speculation, it seems that gamers are getting bored of constant rumors and some just want the next gen consoles to make an appearance, as the 360 and PS3 are getting on a bit now.

Do you think that this news is more relevant in comparison to other speculative reports? When do you expect the so-called 720 to come out?