Black Ops 2 weapons rundown

As we run through some of the weapons that will be included within Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 we can see that there is plenty on offer, and this is the first game in the franchise to have a completely futuristic setting featuring warfare technology, we are intrigued what sort of weapons will be available.

With just over 3 months to go before Black Ops 2 comes out we are sure that there will be lots more information on the game to add to our excitement, and we have recently been informed about the branching storylines, so what about the weapons. In an article on, a list of the arsenal also shows some great images and firstly we thought it would be wise to start with the pistols.

The KAP40, M1911 and Raging Judge all have fairly medium range, accuracy and damage with high mobility, as far as Assault Rifles there are plenty on offer such as AK-47, AN-94, FN FAL, GALIL, M16A4, M4A1, M8A1, TYPE-25, SCAR-H and TYPE-95, which all look pretty affective. With Sub Machine Guns, you will get the choice of CHICOM QCB, MP7, PDW-57, Uzi, and VECTOR K10.

Sniper Rifles involve AS50, Ballista, DSR 50, and STORM PS3, Launchers, FHJ-18 AA, MM-1, and RPG and Light Machine Guns include LSAT and MK 48. Seen as this was only a brief rundown on the weapons on offer those who want to see the images and the relevant stats may want to head over to through the above link. In other news, report on an opportunity to play Black Ops 2 multiplayer at Gamescom 2012, as this this event starts next week from August 15-19, in Cologne, Germany.

As soon as they open their doors, enthusiasts will be able to exclusively play the multiplayer before anyone else. Those who cannot make it to Germany will be pleased to know that Activision announced that fans from all over the world would have the chance to be part of this big event. In cooperation with Xbox, the world premiere will be streamed live via Xbox Live on Wednesday, August 15 at 6PM local time (9am PST, 12pm EST/5pm GMT). At this live multiplayer world premiere, interviews with Treyarch and live gameplay from the show floor will be on offer, and the Xbox LIVE broadcast will air in Europe, and North America (US and Canada).

In relation to Black Ops 2 news, we thought we would mention our previous article on the latest trailer, although it lacks zombies. The multiplayer reveal trailer does show some great gameplay action, but there is a concern from many fans out there who just want to see more zombie stuff. The trailer shown in our post looks pretty impressive, although we can understand disappointment among fans that feel the zombie mode is main thing they are drawn to. Going back to the title, do you feel that considering the new direction Black Ops 2 is going in should be more weapons? Maybe you would like to see guns that are more futuristic.

  • Christopher Clark

    Game does look good, mw3 was and is a totall fail, clan challenges have just started with only 3month away from bops2, what a joke, but cant wait for zombies:-)

    • Mick Ewing

      the clan challenges may have only just started, but the clan ops have been goin for quite some time now.