GRID 2 benefits from Battlefield 3

With a similar advanced lighting technique, it is easy to see how GRID 2 benefits from likes of Battlefield 3, as this sequel looks set to be another great addition to the world of racing games by Codemasters. It is said that the powerful Ego Engine has given them the opportunity to continue the improvements in this sort of game.

The reflections that are on show give make the cars look like they are at home in the world it inhabits and an article on CVG reports on the confirmation of this game along with information on the first play. Apparently, this is viewed to have some great elements that make other racing games shine and with the great suspension physics from Colin McRae: Dirt 3, the new aerodynamics and tyre/surface interaction from F1 2012 and speed from the original Race Driver: Grid, this looks like it has everything worked out.

A recent hands-on session at Codemasters’ Southam HQ has left a lasting impression on the author, with a feeling that this has been put together so seamlessly you will not be able to see the stitches. Regarding GRID 2 as one of the prettier racers out there, even the sights of downtown Chicago are worth mentioning, and the visual effect is so sharp it can be blinding sometimes. Lead programmer Gary Buckley commented on how they extensively researched the effects of how real-world bonnets and bumpers crumple under pressure working out the realism of how they deform authentically upon impact.

Classing this as very impressive they are concerned with how this will be transformed to the consoles and The Mail Online also report on their experience echoing the sentiment of how realistic crashing is and that the impressive graphics really push consoles to the limit. As Codemasters focus on bringing immersion back the forefront of the genre, this title is less about car numbers and customizations and more about knowing the limitations you car has to offer.

There is a lot attention paid to Street Racing down iconic city streets and plenty of different racing courses are available throughout the countries offering many variances when it comes to racing in places like Paris and Chicago. They found the coolest element of DAS is the adaptive behavior, in which your computer rival reacts to your driving style, so if you are aggressive, the AI responds in the same fashion.

In relation to this, our most recent post on GRID 2 talks about how this is perceived on Xbox 360/PS3 vs. PC and it seems that there is not a lot in it, as Producer Clive Moody says the GRID 2 on 360 and PS3 are not lagging that far behind the PC version. Some games acquainted with the last game feel that the main issue was the car handling, so hopefully this aspect has been vastly improved. What else do you think could be looked at in consideration to the first game?