Halo 4: unannounced Promethean weapons spotted

A new trailer for Halo 4 recently released by 343 Industries shows all of the UNSC weapons in this highly anticipated title, although we have reason to believe that there could be a few unannounced Promethean weapons as well. Halo Waypoint users have spotted one or maybe two and they have quickly come up with names for these weapons.

Classed as the Promethean Pistol and Promethean Flamethrower the pistol can be seen during the Rocket Launcher footage when the player switches weapons, however, the flamethrower has been registered in a brief glimpse during the DMR clip of the UNSC weapons trailer. Highlighting this news, Examiner reports on a pistol shaped Promethean weapon with a yellow glowing part in the middle of the side of the gun just below the barrel.

By dissecting the Rocket Launcher sequence they have managed to see a similar glowing part in the same spot of a pistol shaped weapon, so they question whether this is the same Promethean weapon we see shooting flames in Halo 4. If this is, it is expected to come with a 10 round and looks like it fires flames in a burst versus the continued stream of the UNSC flamethrower in Halo 3.

In other Halo 4 news, The Official Xbox Magazine writes about how this title will look in comparison to the next gen games and by exhausting every avenue with the current console, they feel it will definitely hold its own with the future generation. Taking into account when the 720 is expected Halo 4 will be one of the last major titles on Xbox 360, and this could be a good thing as this will be main peek of total current gen consoles left.

With their present focus remaining with the current Xbox the developers are squeezing as much as they can out of its capabilities and with Halo’s strong direction this same stance should be implemented when the next console comes along. By the time Halo 5 is ready this will be a guaranteed next Xbox project, and the team should them be able to take advantage of this new area to maneuver and spread their wings. In connection to current consoles, our recent Halo post discussed the new Limited Edition Xbox 360 console dedicated to Halo 4, which is a great way to mark this game.

This great looking machine is contained in an impressive looking transparent themed 360, with attractive blue lights and bespoke Halo sounds, along with two matching transparent controllers with matching blue lights, a headset and a copy of the game. With the next gen console, still some time away are you looking to trade in your current one for this limited edition one?

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