WWE 13 entrance and finisher visualized

While we wait patiently for more news on the WWE 13 roster we are looking at some other aspects of the game, and viewing these superstars in action is a great way to check some of the entrance scenes and finishing moves. As the videos are slowly oozing out its fair to say that the marketing strategy for this highly anticipated game is working well, giving us more and more as we move closer to its October 30 release.

While we beckon on more details WWE 13 the latest entrance and finisher videos are holding the fans attention, and on THQ’s site, they list some of the most recently added ones imploring loyal supporters of the WWE titles to visit their website every Tuesday as they continue to roll out new videos for the entire roster. Their list currently documents entrance and finisher footage from “Attitude Era” Mark Henry, Stone Cold Steve Austin, CM Punk, Mankind, The Miz and Chris Jericho.

With the latter in mind, Gamepur highlights new video footage of WWE 13 displaying full entrance and finishing move of Superstar Chris Jericho. In this article, they talk about how this installment is transforming gameplay through the introduction of WWE Live, and this will improve the way players embrace WWE 13’s audio and presentation elements. The Predator Technology is back to add critical gameplay improvements and a great single-player campaign based on the highly influential Attitude-Era will just add to the overall enjoyment.

The realism involved in this upcoming title gives us reason to believe this will be the best wrestling game to date and last week we wrote about this being the most accurate version yet, explaining the fact that feedback from gamers gives the developers a chance to continually improve certain aspects that need attention. We mentioned some finer details that have been implemented due to fans responses and requirements to keep the game fresh and up to date.

To see WWE live gameplay we have embedded a video below showing some spectacular moments from one of the games biggest features, and the audio system simulates an authentic sounding WWE crowd. By comparing some clips from WWE 12, you get an impression of how far this game has come. Do you feel this video highlights major improvements in comparison?