GTA 5 in BF3 universe

Those wondering what Grand Theft Auto 5 would look like in the BF3 universe will now be able to get your strange wish with a smart YouTube video that parodied GTA V’s trailer by recreating each scene in EA’s popular shooter. It seems that the lack of real information on Rockstar’s upcoming game has prompted the creation of this fun trailer, which compares to the official video.

YouTube user KETEGANO15 has given us the chance to see the GTA 5 trailer remade in Battlefield 3, with soldiers hobbling along Karkand, posing for photos and generally looking like they are taking up the sights in this world that might seem alien to them, but it also makes you think that this could be a great home. In connection to the lack of news surrounding the actual game, the continuous teasing and speculation surrounding the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto series has given us reason to question why there have been no more trailers since the vague one that was released in 2011.

We can honestly say that we haven’t had any more enlightening details on this for a while and even though gamers know that it is on it way, you would expect something more from Take-Two to keep fans interested. This is where Take-Two’s current financial situation has been questioned, giving reason to believe that GTA V would be better off coming out sooner rather than later. With this in mind, there are some concerns about whether it will be rushed, as the gaming giant will want to see this accumulating money as soon as possible.

The majority of gamers would rather hang on a bit longer to get a decent finished article and cant see Rockstar letting a GTA title fail, although some remain quizzical about Take-Two’s finances asking whether this is more to with their projections as opposed to loss of money. Playing the waiting game has given us the opportunity to look at what else GTA’s developer has planned for the future and a game that has been planned for ages could make its way in time for the next gen consoles. In a recent article, we spoke about the possibility that Agent may release on the PS4, or maybe this has been forgotten about altogether.

For your viewing pleasure check out the cool Battlefield 3/GTA V trailer parody at the bottom of the page, compare it to the official Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer, and let us know your thoughts?


  • alf

    some people have too much time on their hands

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      Yes they do. Especially the people who write these factless articles.

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        …and those that comment on them…

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      We are not amused

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    How would anyone who isn’t lazy or employed be able to spend time doing that. Shows the type of person who made this is not a normal person

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      how does making a 1:25 minute long youtube video make a person not normal? stop trying to be like the first guy alf ya toy its just a video theres mad amounts of them on youtube bud

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    i am completely neutral!

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    Very poor article. My dog had a poo which looked a bit like the R* logo. Want to do a story on that?

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    For everyone bashing this video and others like it by saying things like this person has no life, it’s called a hobby. Time to get ones mind away from the mundane or repetitive normal life and just put ones mind into something that affects the individual in a creative or spiritual way. Some people make videos, as others pursue their own creative hobbies.