New FIFA 13 moves demonstrated

A recent trailer by Electronic Arts demonstrates some new FIFA 13 moves showing some great behind-the-scenes footage from a motion capture session with two MLS stars. Showing off some movements like jogging and running they also perform other new maneuvers like scoring goals with back heels and that famous Mario Balotelli’s “Hulk” celebration.

The players involved are Jay Demerit and Alain Rochat from the Vancouver Whitecaps and former Watford defender Demerit viewed the session to be like a fun Tron experience. Reporting this trailer Digital Spy mention some of the moves that will be included in the game and Balotelli’s stance from Italy’s win over Germany is one truly memorable parts of the UEFA Euro 2012 Championships, which has definitely got to be a part of the game.

With new aspects like this still being introduced to the game this year’s FIFA looks set to move up a step from the popular FIFA 12, adding a vast array of improvements including new first touch techniques, improved AI, skill games and Kinect features for Xbox 360 users. Talking about some improved elements of the game The Official Xbox Magazine mentions the enhancements made with tackling since the current title, along with make the most out of the players attributes.

The reworked dribbling model which includes more erratic first touches will be a whole new ball game, and you will notice this when you are in control of players like Messi and Ronaldo, in comparison to the likes lower league strikers. This may take some adjusting but not so much if you are not one of these glory supporters that will always choose the top teams with an abundance of talent. The option to flick the ball in a particular direction using the right stick is still available but if you let the AI take a first touch for you, you will then experience how individual attributes play a big part.

The opportunity to quickly slide in on poorly handled defensive controlling is one that wasn’t available in FIFA 13 and this split second tackle can make all the difference against some of the best players in the game, giving great defenders like Giorgio Chiellini some more realistic elements. The tackling itself seems like it has been helped along a bit, but the angle of you actions are more relevant in relation to where you’re pointing the left stick.

One of the changes that we found most intriguing is the chance to push and pull opposition players while the ball is in the air in order to gain an advantage over your opponent, although not much else has been divulged about this, and we question whether referees will notice this. Maybe shirt pulling will be the next tactic on their agenda, we seriously hope not. A couple of weeks ago we spoke about the Gamepad being implemented for FIFA 13 on the Wii U and this will be ideal for improving tactical power with the chance to make changes without breaking up the play.

Let us know what you think of the motion capture trailer below, and what other aspects of FIFA 13 you think needs looking into in comparison to FIFA 12?


  • mugsy

    love to see an option to commit synical fouls, elbows, punches, cantona kicks even shirt pulling, always fun getting players sent off when your losing badly