Wii U Black Friday release possibility

When it comes to the Nintendo Wii U, speculation about the console has been rife from day one and news that it could be a Black Friday release possibility could just be put down on a list of various rumors surrounding Nintendo’s next generation console. The Lack of information concerning the Wii U is attracting many questions regarding the specs, release and whether this really is a next gen console, so a few rumors are to be expected.

According to a GameStop employee from New Jersey there are a few rumors being battered around with everything from the initial information that the Wii U is to release the week of Black Friday 2012 to pre-orders being planned to open next week. In an article on Go Nintendo, they report this news with an image of upcoming releases that include games like ‘Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition’ for $49.99, and these are not estimations.

Although the Black Friday week would be an ideal time to release the Wii U in the states, they would love to see the console come out a week before, giving Nintendo the opportunity to take advantage of the Black Friday rush. In addition, CVG report on the possibility that the Wii U could be released on December 6 in Australia, which would be an ideal time for Christmas, although this is also just hearsay at present.

This goes to show that Nintendo are in no rush to hand over any vital information concerning these rumors, and unless an actual leak comes out there will be no confirmation concerning this current speculation, just yet. Going by an anonymous source Kotaku is suggesting that the Nintendo Wii U’s release date will be set for December 6 in Australia, and the 6th is a Thursday, which is the day most new games and hardware are released. If the date mentioned has any truth behind it then Australia will get the console just two weeks after America, but that is also by taking the GameStop employee’s word about the American release.

In a previous article, we spoke about a realistic Wii U price and the sales numbers and showed concern whether Nintendo’s new console will go for a reasonable price or will potential buyers hold out for a next gen console from Microsoft or Sony. Do you want to know more details about the Wii U as well as the price tag? Maybe you will wait sometime after the original cost is stated, just to see if they intend to bring the price down.