Missed opportunity for Dawnguard PS3

With the first Skyrim DLC Dawnguard delayed on the PlayStation 3 because of bugs this is definitely a missed opportunity for children who were expecting to play this during their summer holidays. Not long now before they are back at school and all those times during their break that they have been bored or looking for something to occupy their time, they could have been feeling the benefit of Dawnguard DLC.

Further delays can also give some gamers cause to give up on the wait, and that is not just the kids whose patients have been wearing thin. Many fans have been expecting this for sometime and although The PlayStation Forum echo the sentiment that its not acceptable to release a game with as many bugs as Skyrim, they also feel that they could have done more fixes before the release.

As far as the DLC business is concerned, they feel that this is becoming ridiculous now and all the time Microsoft has the readies they will always cough up the money to pay for the DLC to be exclusive to them before it is available on the PlayStation 3. The fact that they are holding out because of bugs will not stop people moaning even though no one really wants a buggy game, but we can understand those who have been telling kids that they can play it over the summer holidays.

Staying on the subject of Dawnguard DLC in a previous article, we talked about this giving new life to Skyrim on the PC giving gamers the opportunity to rekindle their love for the game, along with new tricks to enhance your rediscovery, especially if you have not played it for a while. Before that, we wrote a post on the 1.7 update availability for PS3 and Xbox 360. What are your thoughts on the missed opportunity for Dawnguard on the PS3?

  • BMF420

    All i want to do is play the dam game =/ And PS3 owners should at the very least get half off, but right now I’ll settle for dawnguard coming out for PS3 at all…

  • the face

    That Bethesda could atleast give us ps3 users some news

  • http://www.facebook.com/cam.verisario Cam Verisario

    Honestly we should get it for free for all of the wait…im honestly thinking of not getting it because yes with school starting again im not gonna have time to play it, we better get some reparations for this Bethesda

    • Disgruntled Bethesda Consumer

      Lol we’ll probably get some ps3 exclusive wallpaper

  • jolteonism

    They should of just released it and gave out patches for the bugs

  • Angryps3owner

    I can’t stand how ps3 owners are being treated by the makers of skyrim. After all the Bugs and issues we dealt with and the garbage we had to play compared to pc and xBox people we still get the shaft with dlc. I’m done. To many good working games out there for me to worry about instead of being treated like the step child in the attic by these Microsoft puppets.

  • chris

    in my oppinion, i think exclusivity on dlc should be banned, dev should not be playing favorites when it comes to dlc, they already made the game evryone should have equal oppurtunity to play new content. in this case the only thing bethesda could do to nake up for this joke, is to release a creation kit for ps3 users and not give it to xbox360…

  • Johnny

    I’ve been very upset about the delay and lack of communication on Bethesda’s end, but it seems that if they were just fixing bugs in the game, they would have no problems with communication to the community. Maybe there’s more to this, people. Perhaps Bethesda has something special in store for Ps3 players, and they just don’t want it to leak, so they are keeping their mouths shut all together. My buddy works for Bethesda, and says that keeping secrets from the community is no easy task for big software and gaming companies. But even HE couldn’t tell me anything when I asked him. So keep your chins up people. we will be back to Skyrim in no time.

  • 00pimpin

    i agree jolteonism Bethesda should have just released it and use patches to fix the bugs and now im starting to agree with other people BAN exclusive dlc for a game for everyone and give ps3 a discount for waiting and also dont give f***ing xbox another exclusive thing like the creation kit. Bethesda nothing but Microsoft puppets being controlled through money

    • slender

      banning it just won’t happen, companies are just too greedy for money, but at the very least, rules should be added, such as ensuring that everyone else will get the dlc as soon as the exclusive period ends, thats fair, i’m fine with an exclusive period now, just let microsoft waste their money, its only 30 days, we can the be more mature, patient console owners.

      • blboy129

        i agree. plus the exclusivity deal is a hell lot of money. I can’t say i wouldn’t take it myself. But none of us would b ticked off if they had it ready for pc and ps3 right when the exclusivity was over, maybe even a week after.

      • iwantdawnguardNAO

        it’s unconstitutional to ban or set rules about having exclusive dlc/games. Free speech and all, at least in America they can’t ban it, and since Bethesda is an American company…

        • iwantdawnguardNAO

          OR maybe not free speech but it’s unconstitutional.

          • http://twitter.com/Belsambar96 Leonard Zasiedko

            It is actually constitutional in the U.S to provide exclusive material, and to ban it if liked, as it is part of the market which is run by the corporations, not the government, they can do what ever they want.

  • Chris H.

    It’s not the wait that is the worst part about this really, it’s being treated like we don’t matter that’s the issue. If Bethesda was giving more progress updates I’d be less annoyed. The last update was two weeks ago, I’d hope something would change by now. As well, the exclusivity deal is stupid. Even if they aren’t doing it on purpose, Bethesda is leaving playstation users feeling that they are more worried about how microsoft does in all this. I understand that they are in a business and I’m sure Microsoft payed a large amount of money for the deal, but between that and the DLC situation – playstation users have been put last. I’m not expecting Dawnguard to be free, but I’m sure hoping that Bethesda doesn’t have to arrogance to charge 19.99 for it.

  • Shayne

    Spend my $20 on BF3 map pack, I got my money worth.

    Played Dawnguard on PC, it’s short and retarded.

    Heh, so here you go guys: STOP WAITING AND SPEND YOUR MONEY ON SOMETHING ELSE. It’s not worth it anyway.

  • Rich

    Captain Hindsight here to fix the situation. Next time, Bethesda should just have the DLC completely ready for all platforms and then release them as needed. If microsoft has a 1 month head start, fine but make damn sure well that it’s only 1 month. It’s bullshit, unprofessional crap like this that will cost them money and fans for any future endeavor they make in gaming for ps3

  • Gw2ftw

    I’m just not buying it. With GW2 coming out I already used my points for Journey PSN…. I’m not wasting my hopes and time for this dumb DLC that I’m not even excited about anymore…. If you’re not giving it for free then I’m not downloading it. Sorry Bethesda, be a little quicker next time because this was just ridiculous.

  • leeroyjenkins

    thanks bethesda for the dissapointment…again.

  • Nick

    Yea I’m not waiting anymore. When it comes out it better be free if it comes out after aug 26 I will be mad

    • KAsianK

      Same here

      • Chris

        ehhhh not waiting anymore fifa 13 and black ops 2 r right around the corner better use of my money :)

  • Moose

    Who allowed this article to be so poorly-written?

  • Angel

    I’ve been playing it in anticipation for a while, running out of things to do and the game crashed. Honestly when it comes out I’m going to wait a month to see if it’s even playable, I’m not having another Bethesda game frying up my console. There are plenty of new games around the corner and my interest in Dawnguard is very rapidly dying.

  • raged ps3 user

    this is retarted lol i still havent got the patch and by the sounds of it dawngard will be deleyd agen iam over it im saving my cion for farcry3 moh warfighter an assassrns creed 3 thay lost the right in my book to get the dlc ill just wait for game of the year version by then ill be 80 and have dementure and forget how screwd we all got in this game have fun xbots with dawngard and we will have funn with our free online for other great titles…..FREE DAWNGARD KILL XBOTS

  • The Truth

    I really don’t think these people understand that it’s due to the lack of the PS3’s gaming hardware that Bethesda has to delay it. Their trying to get it out as soon as possible, but they don’t want to make your gaming experiences worst. Maybe you should invest in getting a console or PC that is good for gaming instead of movies…

    • yup

      so obviously you have no idea what the hell youre talking about. ps3 has a unique architecture. NOT lack of hardware. And bethesda has bad programmers.

    • Nick

      You don’t know what your talking about if ps3 had the lack y would our graphics be better even on older tvs

    • Zengetu

      lolz “lack of gaming hardware” >.< right the xbox fails at every aspect when compared to PS3's hardware know and understand before writing garbage like this

    • KAsianK

      Lol no. Its cuz your Microsoft Developer bribed Bethesda. If Developers gave time in porting games for the Ps3 instead of making it equal with Xbox. You would see the capabilities. Oh wait there is. We have awesome exclusives.

    • malamute85

      The truth is your and idiot!!!!

  • Calmdown

    Bethesda is Trying there best, and Dawnguard will most likely be out in septembre or maybe a bit latter. So be patiente and relax, its not that big of a deal. they have they’re hands full with the bug problem already and dont need anothere one with the fans.

    • blast

      sounds like a xbox user

      • the face


  • ben

    It’s a joke some news would be nice once and a while updating us on the status of dawnguard, and after the bullshit wait we should be getting this free, bethessda should treat their fans a little better !

  • Ace 9

    Gaming in general is going downhill quickly. It is about to go over the cliff with the idea of not being able to play used games. When that goes into effect with the next systems there is going to be some CEO’s wondering why they didn’t sell any. Delays on dlc and new releases is all about greed, everyone wants to make as much money as they can. Why should they care so long as that Microsoft check doesn’t bounce. Only way to change it is to boycott the next system and make them eat a multibillion dollar loss, maybe they’ll get the hint.

    • Freddy 101

      I second that, the only way that company will learn is throw dollars or in this case lack of them.

  • YOYO

    I know I’m never buying a game from them again. I’m not getting dawnguard. Two reasons, first off, you refuse to let us PS3 users know about it. Number 2, my friends who have 360s/pcs told me all about dawnguard. There’s no more surprises for me. I already know everything about the DLC. I wanted to buy dishonored for PS3. But I don’t think so anymore. Any game that has the name Bethesda on it, I refuse to buy.

  • Jonas

    But patch 1.7 hasn’t even come out yet! It is awesome that 1.6 is available for ps3, but I have yet to see 1.7 on my skyrim account in Canada. 1.7 may not have been that exciting, but it still feels awful getting it so late, when told that it is out!

    • bob

      1.7 came out for everyone in N. America (including Canada) last thursday

    • YOYO

      Patch 1.6 is Patch 1.7. On PS3.

  • PisdoffPs3Playa

    1.6 Isnt even on UK PS3 yet nevermind 1.7. We cant even get updates on time. Weve waited so long that 1.7 includes 1.6

  • Darksword30

    we should really get the DLC for free, for all the wait from the start of the release of the xbox version.

  • http://twitter.com/GaryBuckingham2 Gary Buckingham

    The lack of communication is shocking i feel deeply saddened by the way we have been treated by bethesda and i hope the next dlc will be handled more sensibly. I have now given up on dawnguard but for the sake of those who haven’t i hope bethesda learn to act less childish.

  • Matthew Fed-up

    What I’m going to do is simply watch the game play on Youtube. Why waste money on this and time when you can watch Toby play it!?

  • CaptainObvious

    Who fricken CARES if it has bugs? Bugs make it fun and funny. They can just release it now and FIX the bugs in the NEXT update!!!

  • Ps3 free online FTW

    We should get it for free, and some perks included, like 10-20 perks

  • Turner

    You pegged it I definitely wanted to play it over the summer but I just registered for school today so it looks like that’s not going to happen

  • Brian710

    I think there’s a better chance of winning the lotto than getting a few updates from the spastics in bethesda.

  • Lyle

    Well, half of Bethesda is at Gamescom… and the other half are.. well I don’t know

  • 5-0

    I agree with alot of people on this thread, make Dawnguard free for ps3 users (when it eventually comes out) and also stop accepting microsoft’s money for the ’30-day exclusive’! you make enough money as it is, so why upset the superior console users with your ‘business opportunities’

  • http://www.facebook.com/lana.albert Lana Albert

    While I’m likewise just as irritated about the PS3 delay of Dawnguard, I remember that the Oblivion expansion of Shivering Isles for the PS3 released 8 months after it did for the Xbox/PC, so this isn’t any historical change for Bethesda. I’m guessing that I’ll be having fun playing something else, hear that Dawnguard released in a Game of the Year edition along with who knows what, and probably get it at a discount at Gamestop. Patience saves money. Too bad Bethesda is blowing their little payout for timed release, because it’s always better to get money from CUSTOMERS instead of other corporations, because customers keep on paying. This is why the video game industry is slumping. Last month alone saw a drop of 30% in VG revenues on all platforms. Hopefully this is a wake-up call that petty territorial payouts will harm the industry.

  • It’sme

    Honestly people. Saying things like “I’m Not going to buy any more Bethesda games because i’m sick of waiting” is really old. i play on PS3, and i’m a little deflated that it’s taking so long. But i’m not going to lie to myself. Bethesda’s games are the best, and no matter what ,i’m going to end up buying their DLC’s. Microsoft paid more money for a kickback, and can you blame them? it’s just business. Your little self righteous boycott is only going to stop you from enjoying great games.

  • torres9green

    dawnguard doesnt look as exciting anymore but darksiders 2 well thats a different story goodbye bethesda.

  • 420

    impatients fucks…regardless shits gonna be fun…n to those who r still n skl…sucks to be you…hahahaha…ill jus hit my bong n wait…..

    • malamute85

      Maybe you should stop smoking that ganja and take your ass back to school!!!

  • juke

    ill still play it definately…bethesda is the shit…they make the best games hands down…

  • Oprama

    If we don’t get this for free after the crap we had to go through before any DLC was announced, and now the wait to even get the DLC, i’m not even going to buy it. This is just ridiculous.
    Long story short, it should be free. Or at least offered and an extremely reduced price.

    • bethesdasuks

      unfortunely that wony happen it will still be 20$

  • Brett1207

    you all need to relax its just a game. i have an xbox and i just havent bought it yet and its my favorite game of all time. and for those of you we have to go to school and dont think they will have time you are just being ridiculous.

  • fk bethesda

    bethesda sucks…i will nt buy the DLC for sure

  • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.j.hinmancollins Christopher J Hinman-Collins

    ps3 owners need a price drop 10 or 15 insted of the 20 for the
    Dawnguard DLC

  • http://twitter.com/N_effect_human Ryan

    For a few hundred bucks you can upgrade most household PCs above the power of a PS3 and play user-created mods to occupy the gaps in between DLC releases. Win win.

  • Eric

    I’ve been playing Skyrim more recently in preparation for dawnguard and I’m disappointed in this long wait. I’m not going to act like I create games or DLC and I don’t know how long it’s going to take, but I’m a bit skeptical that Bethesda’s taken almost 2 extra months (and counting) to “fix bugs” I mean, are they just creating Dawnguard on PS3 now? Or did they just make it so bad the first time just to say they have something to work with? No doubt Bethesda makes the best games, ad I’ll always buy their games, but I’m just frustrated with this delay on a product that should’ve been completed and ready to launch after the 30 day window of Microsoft exclusive passed. I own a Xbox360 and PS3, and my preference is PS3. I’m not going to buy Skyrim on Xbox just to get my hands on the DLC, but I just wish Bethesda could kick it into overdrive so they can pump out Dawnguard on PS3 to please the still loyal fans. After such a wait, I’m not asking for the content to be free, but I do believe a small price reduction is in order, my thoughts would be 5-10$ reduction as a “we’re sorry it took so long” gift. I would be very offended if Bethesda expected PS3 users to hash out 20$ for something they’ve been forced to wait for.

    • Disgruntled Bethesda Consumer

      Truer words haven’t been spoken in awhile but I don’t think I’m going to get it. If they don’t drop they price it’d be a real smack in the face to us like “we don’t care about you but here you go”

  • Zermel

    I don’t see how you impatient people can live with yourselves,blaming bethesda for accepting the exclusive from microsoft for money.You obviously don’t know it costs about $40,000 for them to put that dlc in ps store.Would you put something imperfect such as this dlc in the store for $40,000?Then later fix the bugs and having to pay sony even more money to give us the patch?

  • Harker

    Who cares about this DLC anyway? There are too many good titles coming out to really want to invest in this anyway. I know all my funds are aimed only at Borderlands 2, which is only 1 month away from release. I could care less about any DLC coming out. We are closing in on the holiday season with the heavy hitters of the year being released. I don’t live and breathe for any one paticular game, and if Bethesda thinks that I’m going to pass on Borderlands 2, RE6, or Hitman to play their little DLC, they would be very wrong.


    “a missed opportunity for children”…
    I’m 20 and I am suffering just as much!

  • mattu

    bethesda should give us a discount

  • Dovahkiin

    No matter what anyone say, I’ll can’t wait for Dawnguard. I know Skyrim was full of bugs but I still played it. Let the milkdrinkers cry. I can wait and so can any real fan of the game!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Perez/1562983179 Robert Perez

    If Microsoft wanted exclusivity with Dawnguard and similar DLC, Bethesda should have made Skyrim itself exclusive to the Xbox. What they are doing is illegal since I paid $60 like most people but am only getting a portion of the game. It’s like buying a car with no wheels or doors and the dealer sells them separately but only to a certain group of people.

  • Michael

    This is disgusting how long it has taken to release dawnguard DLC for ps3. For ps3 users they shouldnt not be charged for the DLC as we have been massively let down by this long delay. At the moment im not going to puchase it any more and are probably thousands more. In the end of the day its bethesda’s loss.

  • Dave

    This must be mostly children putting up silly statements. Yes I am disappointed the DLC is not out yet but do you really think all the work they have done should be ignored and just give it away. The company works to make a profit and giving away your product isn’t a smart financial decision. The really funny part is all you people saying “I’m not gonna buy it when it does come out” are the first ones who will fork out the cash, or put it on your credit card and then end up paying 3 times the original amount when the interest is added on. I will gladly wait and continue to read these hilarious posts from disgruntled children to fill the time until it is released.

  • Alex182

    ive been patient, but there is a thing as too much patience. i have refuseed to play skyrim until the dlc came out. its just ridiculous and its kinda unfair. xbox, pc and god knows they will annouce a damn skyrim for the wii before they release it for ps3. its been too long. we deserve better than i believe a 2 1/2 month wait. and really you guys release it on the kinect which i think is totally unnesecary and that time could have been used for the ps3.

  • pissed ps3 user

    Man F*** that bethesda knew what they were doing I believed if they really wanted to get it up in running they would have. My thing is as soon as school start next week dawngaurd I don’t care thing I’m putting my money to Borderlands 2 Black Ops 2 skyrim is starting to be old I say F*** Bethesda if they don’t have it out by or before next week we move on.!!!!!!Ps3 UNITE!!!!!

  • Don

    I will agree that I will still buy it when it comes out because i hate xbox and don’t care for computers with their mods that glitch games like crazy anyways (as shown in many modded vids). At the same time it is b.s, and darksiders 2 is looking way funner then skyrim. Im guessing this DLC will be the equivalent of the Pitt in FO3 (horrible and boring). Heres my quesition for people, how many of you remembered how long it took lonesome road to come out for Fallout New Vegas? People were bitching and moaning that it wasn’t out yet. All that griping and for what? the game was all hype and it sucked dog balls anyways, Lonesome road was the biggest hype ever to turn into a huge let down. I smell this happening with Dawnguard as well. I would play it just to be a vampire lord to give me something new to do in the world of Skyrim. I am not expecting greatness or thoroughness in the story line.

  • Disgruntled Bethesda Consumer

    I just want to know why they (Bethesda) released it on Xbox with all those glitches a d now they say they’re trying to “fix it” for ps3. Like I’ve read from some ones idea they thought that Microsoft bought a 2 month deal and they are trying to cover their asses. Either way i don’t care anymore, I think I’ll stick to DC Universe Online

  • Spenc

    well I rarely buy dlc, call me old fashioned but I think the entire game should be released at once. But they dont rake in the money that way so in with the new I guess. Anyway, if I were going to buy this dlc it would have had to have been well before the other awesome games were on the horizon. AC3, borderlands 2, whatever else i may be forgetting. sooo its about time I sold skyrim and see what funds I can get

  • Disgruntled Bethesda Consumer

    Oh and another thing, ps3 was suppose to get the 1.7 update but we didn’t at least not the last I played it we got the 1.6 update finally, after pc got it in May and Xbox got it in June. There is so much butt hurt between me and Bethesda because it’s like “hey here’s a great game full of lags and bugs but oh well you’ll log hours of gameplay and hear promises about dlc but it won’t happen”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=675541940 Tristan Collicott

    I’m just buying Dawnguard and that’s it. I’m glad I got some news about it, but it should have been ready around the same time as the xbox version so they could have done bug fixes during the 30 days. I guess I have mounted combat to play with.

  • pleasedxboxowner


  • PC player :3

    @fbf407f5586958a16604049350833569:disqus Xbox is gay. PC FO LIFE!

  • dr.rumor

    I just traded my ps3 version for an Xbox version made another character and viola! Bad ass character power leveled. Yes it sucks, but obviously none of you design video games and no nothing of coding. If it was so easy it would’ve been done. Microsoft didn’t get my money games top just got a trade, for an equal game since I have a friend that works there. Xbox has always been easier to program for and it was something that was made clear when the console wars were started during the release of these next gen systems. Quit crying like some fan boys already…

  • LKKK

    @10552c2bd44225b302eca119097b6f3a:disqus PC is better. Xbox is trash. :L

  • X-GamerGurl-X

    I’m a UK PS3 owner and if this DLC ever comes out, I will probably still buy it, but I really won’t enjoy it that much anymore seeing as most people I know have got an xbox so they’ve pretty much told me every single thing about the DLC which has ruined the whole excitement for me, and like someone else has mentioned, the update hasn’t even come out in the UK yet, I am also going back to college soon so I will be far too busy to even play any games on PS3, I wanted to play this over the holidays but I can’t see that happening now, I know I am just saying what has been said, but I’m not some wealthy person, I really had to hold onto some money just to wait for this DLC but I give up now, I’d either ask that on the first day of it’s release it is free, or the price is a lot cheaper, it’s just adding insult if they expect us to pay the full price for something they have failed to keep us updated with in the news as well as making us wait for it..

  • Chris

    fifa 13 and black ops 2 forget this game anyone want a copy of skyrim for ps3 5$

  • salgr2011

    Too be honest I was not impressed with skyrim, between the bugs and lack of decision making it was a pretty bleak experience. The two thing that kept me playing was the promise of “big” and “complete” DLC’s and the fact that I pretended I was north of the wall in westeros. It is nearing a year now and all I have is the unfulfilled promise of a lame vampire themed add on. The franchise just lost something with skyrim and I really hope someone rises up to fill my fantasy needs. The Withcer series is pretty good besides being a little lame with the in-game romance.

  • Fire Pete Hines

    Fire Pete Hines • a few seconds ago −+Flag as inappropriate1. Speak to a lawyer about suing Bethesda for False Advertising.
    2. Speak to the Better Business Bureau about Microsoft and the “Sherman Antitrust Act”.
    3. Fire every God Damn PS3 Coder at Bethesda and hire NEW ONES.
    4. Fire Pete Hines NOW!!
    5. Stop Microsoft in court from obtaining yet another unfair monopoly in the business market place.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sutto82 Robert Sutton

    think u guys and girls have it bad i live in australia and still havent got the update for skyrim on the ps3 nth america has it europe has it but not us so im still waiting for it and dawnguard

  • Shiny

    Bethesda claim Xbox is their favourite console to work with because it’s easier to program for. Thats like eating instant noodles every night because it’s too hard to make spaghetti bolognase. They need to talk to some PS3 exclusive developers and take notes on how not to suck.