New IPs proves no PS4 anytime soon

When you look at the amount of new IPs that have come out or in the pipeline, you get the impression that the PS4 won’t be releasing anytime soon, as new titles are paving the way for the current Sony console to have an extended shelf life. This is good news for those who feel that the PlayStation 3 still has plenty to offer, although some may feel that its time to start concentrating on the future games consoles.

Sony has announced even more new IPs during its press conference at Gamescom this week, with Puppeteer, Rain and Until Dawn adding to the already mentioned Beyond, Last of Us and Wonderbook. In an article on MCV they highlight comments made by Sony Europe president Jim Ryan referring to Sony’s expectations saying, “PlayStation has a history of delivering the unexpected both in our software and in our hardware.” The PS3 will be seven years old in the US and Japan this year, and it seems they are continuing to develop new concepts and original ideas, thus extended the console’s lifespan.

This will keep their sales steady until the release of the PS4, and we wonder how long after, as we wait for more news on the expected new PS3 model. Puppeteer will be a platform game, Rain will be a PSN title and Until Dawn will be a Move horror game, and Puppeteer and Rain are being developed in Japan. Some may regard new IPs as a risk this late on in the console’s life, although Sony is appearing to try to keep the momentum going.

The PS3 exclusive Rain will launch on the PSN and this will tell a story of an invisible world revealed by the rain and PlayStation Lifestyle reports on Sony formally announcing this title following the discovery of the trademark being registered several weeks before their Gamescom press conference. In relation to this a couple of weeks ago we wrote a post on the initial PS4 release and how this console needs to exceed expectations, and with more new IPs coming this is even more relevant.

Do you think that Sony should start thinking about the next generation of gaming? Alternatively, maybe you feel that this is proof that the PS4 wont coming anytime soon?

  • The Future of Sega

    The Playstation 4 is long overdue. It should have been released early last year…

  • rockstar

    i have the old verison of the ps3 and need a new palystation like the ps4

  • Chris Ryan

    i need the PS4 …I have the the original PS3 I have 2 60GB PS3 and PS3 SLIM i am bored of PS3 NOW.. I wont the PS4 BECAUSE ITS OVERDUE like The future Sega said

  • alex

    i think ps4 will release in christmas of 2013 or 2014