PS Vita gains attention at Gamescom

A steady flow of titles and content from Sony with their PS Vita shows that the handheld is starting to come into its own, and gaining attention at Gamescom the long-awaited gameplay trailer for the PlayStation Vita’s Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified made its debut at the Sony press conference at the event.

In addition, it looks like Killzone: Mercenary is also on its way to the Vita, although there is no confirmation of its release date yet, but it is expected sometime next year. Reporting news of this coming to the PS Vita the Bit Bag mention this exclusive title, which is set to give gamers the opportunity to choose sides in the on-going war between the ISA and the Helghast. The game built specifically for the PlayStation Vita runs on the same engine that powers Killzone 3: Mercenary, and Guerrilla Games has promised unique uses of the back and front touch screens.

The gameplay trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified was shown at the Sony press conference at Gamescom and it seems that it is pretty similar to the console versions according to Game Zone. They noted that the trailer did not show much, just your standard Call of Duty gameplay, although the single player missions are set in between the events of Black Ops and Black Ops 2, which will release for consoles, and are played out as individual “covert” missions.

When it comes to the multiplayer, it has been confirmed that four vs four over wi-fi will be accessible along with Team Death Match, Kill Confirmed, and a variety of maps built exclusively for the Vita. The multiplayer mode that was not revealed in the trailer and should have been discussed is some sort of multiplayer zombie mode and Activision’s Dan Amrich didn’t let on whether this will be one of the modes. Also at the conference, Sony confirmed a limited edition bundle would be sold alongside the launch of Declassified, which will include a limited edition WiFi Vita with a customized back panel, the Call of Duty game, and a special Call of Duty carrying case pouch.

Detailing the PS Vita 1.8 firmware Just Push Start also report on new features and this is coming on the 28th of August. This will not only include the opportunity to play PS One classics on the handheld, but will also let users control the home screen and some features in applications, such as Video, Music, or Settings, using the buttons on PS Vita. Variable speed playback, fast-rewind and fast-forward, and repeat play will be supported in the Video application and Music playlists, which are imported from PlayStation 3 or iTunes under Music application, will be supported. As well as a Cross-Controller icon, which will be added to the LiveArea under the Remote Play application to enable users to play PS3, format software by using their PS Vita as a controller.

Our previous post on the PS Vita spoke about a price drop for games that are included in the reduction of costs concerning PS3 titles. In this, we talk about the many offers for both the Vita and the PlayStation 3 and we asked which games you would like to see on the list. Today we are interested in your views about what other titles would be good on the PS Vita.

  • Majestic 12

    Really, really disappointed with what Sony had to announce for the Vita. I wanted some exciting new IPs not Tearaway. Some cutesy game for kids. Give me some original titles with depth in terms of plot and character development. I don’t believe touch controls should ever take precedent. They should make certain actions easier, but not in the gimmicky way they’re implemented in tearaway. It’s a simple game that I have no care for at all. It doesn’t even look good from an artistic standpoint in my opinion and there are jaggies. God when are Sony going to get their act together. A Killzone spin-off? WHY?!! Give me an FPS yes, but make it stand out either visually and though game-play. Sick of all the ports and spin-offs/rehashes. It’s time for some ORIGINAL exclusive games. Some amazing new adventure games, new characters etc. Sony and failing just as much as Nintendo. Nintendo are only ‘winning’ because they condition kids to love them every generation.

  • Yh

    I thought tearaway was pretty good imo. Im sure the TGS will throw up some more games and more specifically beautiful RPG’s because sonys handheld is flatlining in japan.