Understanding The Last of Us with new trailer

It has been a while now since we have anything to report on The Last of Us, and although this looks set to be one of the biggest titles for a long time, the news of late has been a bit sparse. That’s until the new trailer made an appearance, which has reinvested our interest in the game.

Sony ended its Gamescom press conference with a new trailer for Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated release, and the trailer is played out to Hank Williams Sr’s ‘Alone and Forsaken’ giving a somber tone to this footage of Joel and Ellie struggling to survive. It goes on for about 2 minutes and shows great atmosphere building up excitement for all the intriguing elements of the game. CVG mention that Sony has confirmed it will be coming next year, but we want more details.

Examiner speak about the trailer from Gamescom, which eases our need for more information, regarding it as still brutally beautiful, even though it contains some previously seen footage with all new cinematic and gameplay footage. Alone and Forsaken playing throughout is said to set the mood and the Computer and Video Games website show some great screenshots of nail biting situations that arise. The new high-resolution shots really do the game justice and if you look at the image above you can see a relaxed Ellie being taken through the reigns of sniping in the countryside, away from the troubles they face in the urban streets.

It was back in May when we showed the Truck Ambush Trailer and highlighted the dangers involved in The Last of Us, underlining the problems Joel and Ellie are set to come up against, as the survivors seem just as much a threat as those who are infected. We also mentioned that no instant recovery would be available putting more emphasis on trying to maintain damage free. Are you hoping that this will become available at the beginning of next year?