Bonus Halo 4 unlockable content

The highly anticipated Halo 4 is set to have bonus unlockable content as far as the multiplayer is concerned giving the Xbox 360 exclusive added specializations to the eight classes. This is accessible once the player hits level 50 in the online mode and 343 Industries say will change the online combat mode forever.

There will be 10 levels of unlockable content that include new armor, armor skin sets and cosmetic items, as well as a game-changing perk unlocked at 10th level. Detailing the specifics inform their readers that two of the specializations, Pioneer and Wetwork, will be available at launch, while the rest will come online at a later date, and those who buy Halo 4 Limited Edition will have access to them all from the offset.

343 Industries’ David Ellis explains the idea of this, as he feels that this will keep the game fresh months and years after its launch. Those who prefer stealth-based gameplay will be more inclined to go for Wetworks, which dampens the sound of their footsteps and makes them harder to spot immediately by anyone using Promethean Vision, as they will be seen as an outline as opposed to a large red silhouette.

Pioneer is ideal for players who want to level up fast, awarding players a higher rate of XP for their actions, provided they have it activated. Engineer is tied to weapons drops. Tracker affects weapon drops, as those that feel the equipment on offer is not to their liking have the option to re-roll them. Rogue is great for a sniper, as it prevents scope wobble, and it stops your HUD zooming out after each shot.

Stalker tags the last player who killed you and tracks anyone else foolish enough to take a shot at you. Pathfinder is for players who prefer the biggest guns, and Operator is the specialization for players more comfortable behind the wheel, giving resistance to EMPs and allows vehicles to recharge their health a bit faster. In an article on Shack News they report on the ‘War Games’ DLC season pass to cost $25 on November 6, alongside Halo 4.

In addition, our last post on Halo 4 mentioned unannounced Promethean weapons as seen from a new trailer recently released by 343 Industries. Are you getting excited about the arrival of Halo 4? Do you think this the most anticipated Xbox 360 exclusive of this year?