First official Gran Turismo 6 details imminent

Although we still don’t know whether Gran Turismo 6 will be available on the PlayStation 3 or end up going to the next generation console, there are suggestions that details about the game will be coming soon. It seemed to go a bit quiet as far as the news of this title is concerned, but it now looks like Sony Worldwide Studios chief Shuhei Yoshida is expecting something imminent information.

Ensuring fans that they wont have to wait long for the see first real details of what’s next for GT, Yoshida explains that Polyphony lead Kazunori Yamauchi has been talking about this game more recently regarding it as Gran Turismo 6. Reporting this, VG24/7 highlight his comments saying, the studio is “always aiming for the latest technology and the latest expression.” Giving them reason to believe this could be touted for next gen gaming.

With some suggestions that this would be probably an ideal title for a launch game for the PS4, there are concerns whether they will have any strong franchises when the new console comes out, especially new IPs. Those who expect this to be a PS4 title are hopeful that this news coincides with a next gen announcement, although many still feel that this will be a PlayStation 3 release, even though many feel the PS Vita would benefit from a Gran Turismo game, at present.

In relation to this, our last post on the expectations of Gran Turismo 6 to release showed that Kazunori Yamauchi was not inclined to talk about this at the Gran Turismo 5 Asia Championship 2012 event. His brief comments put emphasis on gamers saying, He doesn’t want fans questioning why it has been delayed”. Can you see this being an ideal launch title for the next gen console? Would you like to see Gran Turismo make its way to the PS Vita?

  • Jeremiah Hereth

    It would be nice if Gran Turismo was released on the Vita after the undrwhelming PSP installment.