Two-week Mass Effect 3: Leviathan countdown

Apparently, there’s just under two weeks to go before gamers can try out the Mass Effect 3: Leviathan DLC on the Xbox, PS3 and PC, and this story-driven single player content will be the first to be made available since Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut. Expanding on the events of ME3 before the game’s closing sequence, this download will contain plenty of extras such as new characters, unique upgrades, and powerful weapons.

According to a statement released by Bioware on the game’s official site, the DLC will be releasing on the 28th of August for download on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, and PS3 owners in Europe can expect it a day later on the 29th. Reporting the announcement, Game N Guide also explains what is involved in the new journey that takes Commander Shepard across the galaxy to unravel the mystery that surrounds the fabled Leviathan.

It seems that the Leviathan DLC will add extra dialogue to the ending, and Bioware producer Michael Gamble hinted this content change the outcome of the ending, which is good news. Game N Guide has another article, which mentions the Mass Effect 3 endings have only been experienced by 42% of players, and although the game’s endings were controversial and shocking, it shows less than half that started Bioware’s ME3 actually finished it. A similar outcome has been noted for 56% of those completing Mass Effect 2.

Only 40% finished the first game along with Dragon Age: Origins at 36% and Dragon Age 2 at 41%, which are also Bioware titles, and although the controversy over ME3’s ending could have given players reason to turn their backs on the game, there does seem to be a pattern forming for Bioware titles in general. Other aspects concerning Mass Effect 3 are taken into consideration, like addition of the multiplayer and leveling up, although the ending seems to be the main culprit. A couple of weeks ago we informed our readers about Mass Effect 3 double DLC and spoke about both Leviathan and Firefight content. Are you hoping that the Leviathan download will counteract some of the negativity surrounding Mass Effect 3?