Confirmation of WWE 13 Attitude Era unlockables

A constant flow of news concerning WWE 13 is currently keeping fans of the franchise intrigued and reports of the Attitude Era being confirmed by THQ just adds to the anticipation of the game. New information on the unlockables in this mode has recently been discussed and we are interested to see what is on offer.

Apparently, there are more than 20 exclusive Attitude Era video packages that players will be able to watch throughout their experience in the Attitude Era Mode. This comes from an interview with Cory Ledesma with WWE.COM, and they have recreated all of the classic WWE arenas, television graphics and entrances from that period. Reporting this, WWE Gaming explain that this mode is said to have more than 60 Attitude Era cutscenes that play out throughout the course of the mode, each telling the story as you play the matches.

With over 30 Superstars and Divas from the time confirmed in the Attitude Era roster, there is also plenty of unlockable alternate attire options and over 100 unlockables in the mode, including photos, videos and lots more. Describing what is available in more detail The Bleacher Report run through everything from information on the roster reveal to entrance and finisher footage for John Cena and more.

The entire roster for WWE ’13 will be revealed by THQ during Fan Axxess at SummerSlam on Saturday, the 18th of August and those not able to make it to Los Angeles, can watch it online at 5 p.m. ET. In our previous post we highlighted WWE 13 as the most accurate version to date and it is the finer details that have been focused on, as well as the more prominent issues found in WWE 12.

Our most recent WWE post spoke about preparing for a hands-on account of this highly anticipated game, and what areas we want to be tested for all those involved in the experience. If you had the opportunity to try a hands-on demonstration, what aspects of the game would you focus on?