Microtransactions key to PS4 and Xbox 720

Money does make the world go round, and reports that Microtransactions are the key to the PS4 and Xbox 720 come as no surprise to many gamers out there. With the President of EA Frank Gibeau, stating that he has seen the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft he believes that free-to-play will be the most prominent way of pricing for the industry.

At Gamescom’s opening ceremony, Frank Gibeau confirmed that the next gen consoles actually do exist and that he has seen both from Sony and Microsoft. Talking about how they used to measure their market, he said, “ten years ago it was about 200 million people, and now we are looking at about billion people playing games”. His prediction is reported on GameSpot along with news of Electronic Arts commitment concerning free-to-play gaming.

Talking about this feature being the dominant pricing model by the end of the decade, we get the notion that microtransactions are the future, and with multiple amounts of this available, many will welcome the idea of getting something like a game with DLC for only the price of downloadable content, which may be better than buying the game outright. With that in mind, many gamers will feel that free gaming, is more than just a white lie, and the term has been Freemium mentioned.

Microtransactions are ideal for EA, as this could tempt people to buy on impulse. When you are only paying small amounts you may find that you lose track of what you are paying for, and in some situations could end up forking out more than you expected. This could also cause issues for those who intend to buy all the extras, prompting others to do the same just to keep up. Some may feel that this will ruin the pre-owned games market and those who want to trade, will lose this option.

Others feel that a good game will be purchased, no matter how risky free-to-play titles are, yet there is some skepticism about the poor security on the Internet, which makes it difficult to sell and buy things electronically. What do you think about the future of microtransactions on the next generation consoles?