PS Vita Holiday Season price cut unlikely

Those of us expecting a price cut for the PlayStation Vita during the holiday season may have to wait sometime, as many feel that it is about time Sony slashed their costs, the company themselves feel it is too early. The expectation that they would drop the price of the handheld within this year has been ruled out, although Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida, has said that engineers are working on a “cost reduction”.

It is good news that Sony are looking to cut their prices in the future, but it sounds a bit vague at the moment, because many potential customers are holding out for the PlayStation Vita price to drop before they even contemplate getting one. Some may say that the memory card costs also need looking into and Sony should make a gesture with one or the other to help sales. Reporting the news that Sony is ruling out a PS Vita price cut this year, CVG highlight Yoshida’s comments about their plans to reduce costs working with the engineering team, although it is noted that the platform only came out this year and these things take time.

When it comes to addressing the pricing situation they are trying to add value by creating different types of bundles, and he mentioned that the lack of content for the handheld is to blame for the system’s lackluster start. With this in mind, we thought our recent post on a price drop in titles for the PS Vita would be ideal for those looking to acquire certain games, and although this seems like a decent attempt to lure more customers we also feel that a more extensive list and more drastic drops would be advantageous for the Vita.

This is where our most resent article comes into play, as the Vita has picked up some attention at Gamescom, with a long-awaited gameplay trailer for Black Ops: Declassified making its debut, there is also news that Killzone: Mercenary could be on its way to the PlayStation Vita. We can guarantee that Sony will not reduce prices on games, memory cards and the handheld itself all at the same time, and decent bundles will help the situation, so what do you feel should be reduced next? Alternatively, how much do you feel is a reasonable price for the PS Via console?