Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation costume importance

It’s just over a couple of months to go before PS Vita users can put their handheld console to good use with Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation. We now know a bit more about the background of the eagerly awaited title along with news of the female protagonist, and today we are looking at news that Aveline de Grandpré’s extensive fashion collection will compliment the gameplay involved in the late 18th century setting.

With the Spanish influence playing a big part in this era, the wardrobe of this new assassin also features highly in the game, as this adds more variation to the character be illusive in certain situations. In an article on Metro they mention how the costumes will be ideal for varied skills and equipment depending on which one of the three is worn. The outfits were shown at Gamescom showing the same mission for all three and this amounted to different forms of gameplay for each, adding more quality to the expectations of the game.

In other related news, Examiner looks at the amount of Assassin’s Creed games there are, and questions whether this is becoming more about quantity than quality, as they suggest that the franchise should take some time out. They are under the impression that fans will get bored after a while and that those who really love the franchise may be concerned that this could go stale. The initial release of the first game brought something fresh to the gaming environment, with its unique take on history and the cities that they are set in, along with the stealth action and open world environments.

The second installment was even more popular and still regarded as the best, but continuous editions are giving gamers reason to be concerned about where the game will go after Assassin’s Creed 3, especially since this will be the fourth consecutive year Ubisoft have brought out another AC game. The demand for more has given Creative Director Alex Hutchinson no reason to feel this series needs any time off, although some may say that franchise needs some resting time to regain its luster.

Returning to the PS Vita game a few weeks ago, we looked at an early Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation review and learnt more about the title in its pre-alpha state, we also showed off a trailer of Aveline in action. Do you think this title will enhance the reputation of the PS Vita? What do you think about the franchise having a rest?