Crytek to make amends with Crysis 3

It seems that Crytek are to make amends for the problems found with automatically activating nanosuit’s speed mode while running. With the vulnerability of players taken down by campers, Crysis 3 looks set to eradicate this awful feature and will have unlimited running, which won’t eat up your suit’s energy.

In Crysis 2 many players were at a disadvantage when they were sprinting, as opposed to those stashing themselves up in various hiding places, which has given cause for Crytek to decouple sprinting and suit energy in Crysis 3. The unlimited running feature expected in the upcoming installment is documented on DSO Gaming, along with comments from Crytek’s Adam Duckett revealing that Crytek has acknowledged the disadvantages, talking about those entering a firefight dieing due to armor depletion.

Crytek are now listening to feedback in order to make the next game a better experience and many issues with running have been brought to Crytek’s attention, and Crysis 3 should be able to offer a really addictive MP experience. Looking at two multiplayer modes on display at Gamescom this year, Joysiq report on both Crash Site and Hunter and how they got sneaky in the latter. Crash Site also featured in the last game is the two teams – 6v6 on console, 8v8 on PC, and this is where players chase down and defend “pods,” accruing points for standing near one.

The Hunter mode is regarded as the most intriguing as this dons similarities with “zombies.” This mode pits two hunters against ten CELL operatives, and fourteen on the PC. Remarks have been made about how fair two against ten sounds, but the hunters have a few advantages on their side, as each of them come equipped with a Nanosuit, which provides permanent invisibility. They also carry a single explosive arrow, which is very effective. Many gamers will welcome these new improvements as losing all your energy after sprinting is not very rewarding, although a majority of gamers will want to know whether the online mode will run smoother too.

As we get ready for the arrival of Crysis 3, back in April we wrote about pre-orders of the game, and highlighted the bonus packs you can acquire by reserving your copy. The Crysis 3 Hunter Edition will host an array of goodies, along with the Stalker pack and Overkill Pack, and in this post, we document what is included as well as the price and site to obtain them. Are you pleased that Crytek plans to make amends with Crysis 3?