Concerns for Skyrim Zombie mode speculation

With still no sign of Dawnguard DLC for the PlayStation 3, it is understandable that there are concerns about rumors of a Skyrim Zombie mode. Apparently this new zombie-themed content is called Hearthfire, and those expecting Dawnguard on the PS3 are quizzing why Bethesda are concentrating on additional DLC when they have more pressing issues.

Although the expansion has yet to be formally announced, there is speculation that this will become available around Halloween season, yet some skeptical PS3 owners take that as a probable Christmas release. Reporting this news Gameranx mentions that Bethesda are expecting to release large-scale DLCs like Dawnguard in support of the Skyrim title, and there is a notion that Hearthfire has something to do with a Necromancy-related ceremony called “Tales and Tallows”.

The gaming industry has had it fair share of zombies, and we are worried that developers are all starting to jump on the same bandwagon, which has had many question whether yet another zombie game is really what we need. With zombies already present in the game, we wonder if they should be looking into coming up with something unique and some have suggested better DLC, much like Shivering Isles.

Highlighting the fact that Skyrim Dawnguard for the PS3 is still missing in action Examiner report on the vague response by Bethesda and comment on the lack of updates or answers in connection to their earlier views that the PS3 version is not what they needed it to be, in order to release it. A representative at Bethesda, Pete Hines, has not divulged any more information with nothing to report in regards to an update or timeframe. With many children going back to school in a couple of weeks our recent post spoke about the missed opportunity for Dawnguard on the PS3, and that plenty of disheartened fans may disregard this DLC altogether, as this was the ideal opportunity to make the most out of their playing time.

What do you think about Bethesda’s plans for a Skyrim Zombie mode? Are you a PlayStation 3 owner that has lost faith in Bethesda?

  • PS3’er

    Now now…let’s not jump the gun here. However likely it is that this ‘Hearthfire’ is to do with zombies, this is still just purely speculation yes?
    And besides, everyone loves killing zombies, I wouldnt mind at all! 😀
    I also wouldn’t mind receiving at least the 1.6/7 patch on my PS3 here in Australia, but you know…1.5 is still cool…I guess…

    P.S. Wouldnt be suprised if Dawnguard doesnt come out at all for Ps3’ers, I should probably stop caring but hearing all the news is quite entertaining

    • Falcon D. Stormvoice

      It’s mostly speculation pulled from thin air that it’s even an expansion, or that whatever it was wasn’t cancelled soemtime between May and now.

  • PS3’er

    Now now…let’s not jump the gun here. However likely it is that this ‘Hearthfire’ is to do with zombies, this is still just purely speculation yes?
    And besides, everyone loves killing zombies, I wouldnt mind at all! 😀

    I also wouldn’t mind receiving at least the 1.6/7 patch on my PS3 here in Australia, but you know…1.5 is still cool… I guess…

    P.S I wouldn’t be suprised if Dawnguard didnt come out at all for Ps3’ers, should probably stop caring but hearing all the news is quite entertaining

    • PS3’er

      Sorry for double post…


    Very disappointed with Bethesda, it’s like they don’t care about the PS3 community, if anything I would have expected the Dawnguard DLC to be out for PS3 before the PC, seeming as they have plenty of mods to keep them happy. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a release date for this before PS3 get one for Dawnguard and if that happens, just going to sell my game, not spending money to support a company that just shows now care for the PS3.

    As for the actual content my god, how many games are going to throw out a zombie DLC just to squeeze out some more cash out of the people who are simply entertained by the concept, can’t game companies come up with anything new and unique? First Vampires and werewolves and now zombies, no originality. Would rather save my money for new games coming out like Assassins Creed 3 and Hitman Absolution

  • bob

    If it’s a zombie mode I’m not buying it. It’s just a lazy DLC idea lots of different games have already done. They should make a proper expansion that gives us new land to explore, like Shivering Isles.

    • Moose

      My thoughts exactly. I never thought I’d say it, but Bethesda has failed to impress.

  • beth hater

    Pathetic, why dont they work on the 1st problem of dawnguar before starting another problem, obviously we ps3 owners are not their type. f#ck bethesda and in their u know what, i’m selling skyrim, and never going back, dragons domas got lots of good stuff in it, so does risen 2 and game of thrones i dont need them.

    • fluffykins

      Do you think everyone at Bethesda is proficient with the PS3 aspect of dawnguard? I expect there is a team dedicated to it and the rest has no clue. why would they waste a large portion of their staff to work on a problem they have no idea how to fix? Let the PS3 guys work on the issue and the others work on new content. You would not think to ask the secretary to work on your car if the mechanic is taking too long to fix it would you?

  • EricT803

    The main thing that annoys me, over everything else, was that in the preparation for Dawnguard was that I stocked up my character with dragon bones, smithing potions, enchanting potions etc. so I could make an awesome crossbow.

    Now it’s all just sitting there, thanks Bethesda.

    • Fluffykins

      If you are on PC, you can download some dragonbone crossbow mods. Enjoy.

  • Gareth Davies

    I have indeed lost faith in Bethesda. Skyrim is easily my favorite PS3 game, that I can roam the wilds for hours on end and still enjoy it. It’s a shame it’s let down by shoddy workmanship (unfixed glitches getting fixed by the community, no less), biased release dates (or none at all) and a major lack of communication from developer to customer.

    If a Hearthfire release date for Xbox 360 appears before Dawnguard releases on PS3, it’s very likely that i’ll either sell my copy or just never play it again.

    As for the premise of Hearthfire; zombie modes are cliche, but that doesn’t make them bad. IF Bethesda make a decent job of it, I expect it’ll be worth the money.

    Not that it’ll ever release on PS3, of course.

  • some guy

    I love how one person speculates that it might have something to do with zombies and now people talk of “zombie mode” as if there’s actual hard evidence supporting this theory.

  • PS3’er

    I’m probably just going to transfer my save to pc and sell my ps3 copy… and as for the zombies… they should deal with the dominion, or the war still in hammerfell, or the jungles of the black marsh, any of the stuff they could find in there mass of back story found in there god damn books lol. cause this one seems like there making more novelty crap like oblivion, and if i remember correctly they wanted to cut down on that garbage.

  • Theo San Jores

    Ugh. The least bethesda could do is give us some hope that dawnguard will ever be released. Zombies? Why? All the empty waters in skyrim, and they consider zombies? I’d rather have a skyrim sea serpent rather than a zombie, i’m pretty sure bethesda can’t add a new dimension to the zombie image. Us PS3 users usually get the short end of things when it comes to dlc, and our patience is wearing thin. We assume bethesda is trying to solve dawnguard’s glitches, but not updating is pissing fans off majorly.

  • John Dragon

    Let me start off saying I’m sorry PS3 players feeling ignored. I mostly played on 360 for my first 200 hours of game play but I converted my Skyrim game playing to PC and haven’t looked back, the mods made so much of a difference in quality of a game I couldn’t stand Dawnguard on 360 and had to wait for it on PC, I love it on pc. Now I realize it expencive to upgrade many PC’s to handle skyrim, I myself spent over 200 doing it but my PC now is so much better in other areas too and with over 300 hrs in my PC character the investment was very cost effective. Trust me on the PC version there is hundreds of new mod quests, better balancing mod, mods for more crafting, new gear mods, new monsters mods, way tougher and more varried dragons mods. One of the first moments when I fell in love with skyrim all over again was a simple mod that added more animals I can’t say how amazing it was seeing wild horses run past me and then see some mini spiders just climbing a tree totally ignoring me. Take the problem of ps3 sadly having programming issues as an sign to at think about the most complete skyrim, the PC versin, by at least checking out the idea of converting to pc.

    Zombies do sound cool… but what I’d prefer is a new world like Shivering Ilses and new types of dragons (nice attempt at that with dawnguard though but I like them in the Vanilla world too). Or how about expanding old stuff like a blades vs the Thalmor quests, overhauling the civil war quests, or a more complete image post faction plot lines for all factions (like actually rebuilding the Dark brotherhood and plot line where we assinate much of the Elder Council or some
    Thalmor generals incurring Thalmor wrath, or more mage guild stuff to discover what sank the city and reverse it

  • I<3Bethesda</3

    Wow news on a new expansion already! And were still in the dark with no to little word on Dawnguard!!!! Bethesda really is the best company ever! Looking to the future to find another way to screw PS3 fans!!! I can’t wait to get this for my PS3 when it comes out around Christmas!!! Who needs any news on something I’ve been waiting for for 3 months now, when I have an entirely new DLC to look forward to!!!
    I wish computers came with a middle finger button, love to see how many emails Bethesda would get then……..

    • Falcon D. Stormvoice

      There is no news on a new expansion. Just a trademark filing of a word that was a news story many months ago.

      • Dave ! YogPod

        That is indeed where it came from but its been hinted at as a skyrim expansion the subject no one knows anyone who tells you about the content or a release and that goes for dawnguard too is talking out of his ass oh by the why am I the only one who noticed 1.7 patch that was supposed to be out last week for PS3 in europe isnt out yet?

  • salgr2011

    I personally have lost faith in bethesda, and was very angry when they announced that the PS3 version of dawnguard would be delayed; despite the already existent 30 day grace period. As far as the zombie thing… yeah thats lame, and being a shotgun is required to enjoy killing zombies i’m sure they shoe-horn that in too.

  • richie

    Jayus, am I the only one sick to death of vampires, werewolves and zombies?? For those kind of things I play those kind of games, honestly dont give two figs for dawnguard, doesnt excite, was waiting patiently for.the but if this is it, well no thank you. Also let the xbox have its timed exclusives, it the only way it can compensate for.being an inferior system

  • Marcus01

    Might be important to note that, Bethesda haven’t actually said Dawnguard will be available for PS3…. Ever…. Not that it is delayed…. They just haven’t said if it will even be coming to PS3.

    In all honesty we PS3 players are probably better off forgetting about it, forgetting about Bethesda altogether lol.

    Communication is obviously not their strong suit, and an example should be made of companies like this, especially when there are an amazing sum of different ways to communicate to fans these days.


    • reallyBethesda)=

      yes they did

  • Kyle

    The lack of respect and care for PS3 users is disgusting. It’s like we don’t even exist to Bethesda! I doubt I’ll ever buy another Bethesda game again.

  • –_–

    personally i think the zombie theme has been “done to death” and if it comes out before Dawnguard for PS3 the only thing dead will me the Future PS3 market for Bethesda.

  • Rebel-Robb72

    Might as well face the fact that Dawnguard isn’t going to come on the PS3 any time soon since Bethesda has their hands on other thing like this upcoming expansion pack. Well it’s not like Bethesda owes the us PS3 users anything since we already payed full price for the original game and has everything there is to it. Plus we know the PS3’s framerate for the game is bad so adding Dawnguard to the game itself will just make it worse. But there’s nothing we do about it. Oh well.

  • Fire Pete Hines

    1. Speak to a lawyer about suing Bethesda for False Advertising.
    2. Speak to the Better Business Bureau about Microsoft and the “Sherman Antitrust Act”.
    3. Fire every God Damn PS3 Coder at Bethesda and hire NEW ONES.
    4. Fire Pete Hines NOW!!
    5. Stop Microsoft in court from obtaining yet another unfair monopoly in the business market place.

    • Falcon D. Stormvoice

      I’m on board with firing Peter Hines. Except the fact that he’s probably doing exactly what he’s paid to do, so we’d have to call for the heads of those above him.

      But can we really called timed exclusives a monopoly? What then about non-temporary system exclusives?

      Who cares that Xbox got a DLC sooner. The problem is misleading release dates and lack of communication.

      • PSN Kladrix

        Yeah you’re right if you own a ps3 then you like most ps3 owners are pretty patient so time exclusive content isn’t enough for me to swith over to xbox. But in this case its bethesda being too stupid to work ps3s software… seriously most ps3 exclusives get it done on the first try n are usually top quality games.. it can’t be that hard to make money from 3 consoles instead of kissing the ass of one.. if we have to keep being dicked around they shouldn’t have given us (ps3) the game in the first place just to tease us with content they can’t get to work

  • reallyBethesda)=

    know what im selling my skyrim for dragon’s dogma

  • Michael Allen Schradle

    I know my friend is now not going to buy dawn guard due to this length of wait, I don’t understand why it would take this long or any longer to create content already made on a similar system, It may be due to the possibility of the game developers not truly fixing “in entirety” the glitches in the original skyrim game. This would lead to having to entirely re-do those patches to make them tip top, Witch while i can understand they’re doing so, They would have not had to do this if they took they’re time to fix the issues fully in the first place. This is all just speculation of course but you can’t help but question Bethesda/(all involved in game development) weather or not they actually care much about the players of the game using the ps3. Furthermore the new reveal of a zombie based DLC only gets my blood running cold and shatters my optimism of the Dawn guard DLC, Though i don’t have a problem with the idea of this DLC i just can’t find myself caring about it when we “Ps3 users” have no idea when were getting the first expansion pack let alone imagining what type of a headache waiting for the new DLC will be. I do not know if i will buy dawn guard without a possible compensation for ps3 users, I know that when psn went down for so long it was a great relief or a good compensation when i found i could get infamous and littlebigplanet free of charge, And i wouldn’t be asking that they make Dawn guard free but at discount or to give early access to ps3 users on the next DLC at least. In the end I’ve already payed 60.00$ for skyrim witch lets face it is a lot to pay for games in the first place, And now i need to pay 20.00$ for the DLC a DLC that i didn’t get thirty days early nor did i get it on time of what was originally stated. The thing that i don’t get is that we are all paying for the game not just to play it but to create it if we weren’t paying they wouldn’t be able to create the game or expansions.

    I can’t say i hate bethesda and developers involved because the reasons i like them is the games they have already created, But to show that i am not being treated the same as users of other systems makes me disappointed in them and i find myself let down.

    I don’t know if i will buy Dawn guard more so not if it’s not discounted.

  • GameDesignerPro

    Sony is delaying Dawnguard…..

    • Iwritequests

      Insiders know…..

      • bobcool

        sonic is killing all the dragons

  • badass viking

    go to hell there already zombies in the game and its dead nords coming to life there slap nuts i got a better idea for a dlc maybe put a war dlc like vampire lords and werewolves going at it and it would be a go 30 hour play or maybe a sorta alike alien predator theme were skyrim gets invaded by aliens its a though better then adding something we already got there jackasses and half of you bethesda employees stop beating your meat to porn and work on this damn dlc im still willing to pay for. From yours truly the badass

  • Angered Customer

    Absolutely I am a PS3 owner that has lost all faith in Bethesda the company is just taking us owners on a roller coaster and I’m done with this embarrassment. I used to love Bethesda for the Elder Scrolls, since they started on the PC with Arena and they did a spectacular job on Fallout (even though that DLC was early for Xbox) But this is TO FAR. Todd Howard, you let me and hundreds of others down. ”
    fans may disregard this DLC altogether”? I disregard Skyrim all together I haven’t played it for months and I already wasted over 400 hours into it. The game isn’t even fun because I know that Bethesda didn’t give any thought into the PS3 version since they favor Microsoft, a company I may point out, ISN’T EVEN BETHESDA’S MAIN SUPPORT I would understand this if they favored PC over console since that would at least make sense! I know Dawnguard will come out for PS3 eventually but when? 2013? Xbox got Dawnguard on June 21! JUNE thats more than 2 MONTHS now. Didn’t I hear something about Xbox getting it exclusive for 30 days?! I MUST OF BEEN MISTAKEN. I don’t care what you call me whether a “PS3 fanboy” or a whiner I have a right to be mad at this OUTRAGE that Todd Howard has made for the PS3 population. I am VERY tired of all this garbage console wars and Bethesda is just making it WORSE. Bethesda if you read this, GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER. (P.S. Brink sucked, and Dishonored just looks like a Bioshock clone)

  • Psy Chuan

    No no no. Enough with the Zombies. Especially in Skyrim where they’re practically all there is to fight.

  • Big Jon

    I’ve been a long time bethesda fan. Since this dlc conspiracy has taken place I’ve begun to lose faith, infact I’m pretty sure that if this is how they treat their loyal customers because of their choice of hardware, I’m gonna have to start a boycott. If I don’t get this doc by the end of the month, I’m gonna have to forgo Fallout 4. I might have to anyways, lest I end up here with the same problem for F4s doc being months later than other consoles.

  • Big Jon

    Doc=dlc lol spellcheck

  • bobbington

    need more dragon quests not zombs anyway they need to sort out dawnguard first

  • Big Jon

    And who cares about the mounted combat when you still can’t ride a dragon.

  • bobbington

    actually if vamp i think u can

  • TFVanguard

    Really, more Zombies? There have been HUNDREDS of zombie-games released in the last couple of years… it’s hardly a draw. In fact, in my case, I’m so sick of them that this doesn’t even remotely tempt me. Hell, it’s another reason for me to just give up on Bethesda these days. I’ll play more Amalur instead…

    • Troll

      You do know that Bethesda was involved in its creation too don’t you?

  • Matt

    Honestly this is why I have a 360 (even though I own both consoles). IMO the 360 has less issues than the PS3 and new DLC most always comes to the 360 first. I love the idea for more Skyrim DLC but I’m a little skeptical of a zombie mode. If they could have a unique zombie experience that differs from other games then I’m all for it; but first I have to hear more details before I decide. I’m sure they haven’t forgotten about PS3 users. Both consoles may have the same game but both require different methods to develop it. I’m sorry PS3 fans.

  • Will

    I was there at the trailer release, I waited patiently in line for my copy, I spent my money for a game that has the most potential. only to be passed over by the company in charge, in favor of a community that is mostly known for ten year olds swearing on Headsets or already modded several of the features in the DLC. I am furious to say the least. However about the new DLC I will give it a try, if it even sees my system.

  • Anthony

    This is getting ridiculous! I’ve been waiting for dawnguard for weeks, hoping that Bethesda would release it for PS3 soon, but all they can think of is making more money from another DLC that will also be delayed for PS3?!?!?!? I just want to play dawnguard! Please Bethesda: release it for PS3 soon. And why does the game look worse on PS3 although the PS3 has better graphics than xbox? For now, I have lost faith in Bethesda and are very disappointed!

  • Xatile

    I’m sure we will get it on PS3 eventually but I have not lost faith in Bethesda. They did create Skyrim the best game ever. I don’t care if I have to wait as long as I can get it at some point in time. Look at the Episodes from Liberty City DLC. PS3 didn’t get it for a long time after Xbox. I just they don’t forget about us PS3 owners. But this little wait will not stop me from buying games from this great company.

  • sage_thomas

    I really don’t care if the Dawnguard release for ps3 is delayed, but Bethesda really needs to talk to us or risk losing the business.

  • the face

    meh… hope it has more to do than just with zombies and dawnguard still hasnt been released on ps3 and it would be real effed up if xbox got a confimed release date before dawnguard hits ps3 like really they should fix problems before releasing things which we already know is gonna give ps3 owners more problems just like dawnguard and i can just see them stalling the release for ps3 users too.

  • Jacotheman

    Dammit can’t betheada telease dawnguard any sooner?

  • maskdcrusdr

    Over it. Would have been a great summer game. However, the Dawngaurd wait has taken me to other PS3 titles. Sorry Bethseda but when you have people throwing their money but you don’t have anything to sell, it’s not good business. Missed opportunity, indeed.

  • Anime&PS3

    It’s so annoying that they are focusing on zombies rather than getting Dawnguard released to the PS3, I was really hoping that it would be out before school started back, but it was a lost hope, I’m back in school and don’t have enough time to fully enjoy it when it is released

  • Hayden

    I am still mad at bethesda i am already back in school and besides the wekend i will have so little game time. I really am not looking forward to hearthfire if they have you being a zombie. In the game I want to kill zombies not eat a cake with them. I mean seriously who would want to? It isn’t like being a vampire it just doesn’t make me want to buy it especially due to the fact that i still can’t play dawngaurd. I love skyrim it is so cool and i have put so much of my time into it , but without dawngaurd it is just getting old and forcing me to put it down for games like darksiders 2 and sleeping dogs.

    • Wolf2

      It’s unlikely they will release it after the summer holidays because they would have to compete with games like Black Ops 2 and Assassins Creed 3 and DLC like armoured kill for Battlefield 3 so if it will be released it would make scenes to release it before summer ends.

  • Silvabane

    I was hoping to play this over the summer.. Oh well, I won’t have time to anymore with school so I won’t bother getting it now.

  • matt

    i bet they will delay hearthfire for ps3 just as theyre doing with dawnguard… it sickens me

  • Martin

    Considering the backstory for the draugr was seriously under explored in Skyrim, a DLC based on it has potential, especially since they are (other than bandits), the most common enemy to encounter when dungeon diving. A questline based around them, plus some sorely needed new features could make an amazing DLC.

  • reallyBethesda)=

    i need to make a middle finger button just for Bethesda

  • wibblewob

    Its not the time its taking to develop dawnguard on ps3 that annoys me, its the fact that they are starting to develop a new dlc before the first one has even been released on all 3 platforms! Skyrim is an epic game, don’t get me wrong, as you have an entire country to roam and explore at your own pace and leisure, but this is just silly! they could so easily release dawnguard and patch it later on.
    As for ‘Heartfire’, zombies! really? id rather a quest line that revolves around an enchanted armour or sword that grows in power the more ‘bosses’ you defeat or introducing a new animal like a unicorn than have zombies. Come on Bethesda, where is your originality!?

  • Chrome

    I reckon they just gave up on dawn guard for ps3 and are just givin this shitter instead

  • Chrome

    If I’m gonna buy a gme with zombies in it ile just buy black ops 2 because they actually have zombies in it and everything this just looks like drougs (if thts how u spell it) so no thank u Bethesda

  • Duncan

    PS3 is getting screwed, but more importantly why don’t they chose something more constructive as a dlc, THE DWEMER MYSTERY IS A GEM??!

    • fluffykins

      We found out what happened to the Dwemer back in Morrowind. In one of the dlc (the one with almalexia) you saw little piles of dust where the dwemer would have been. So Kagrenac turned everyone to dust with his crazy experiments on Lokhan’s heart via their mental connection (you hear of this in a book about some automaton that turned out to be a dwemer smith in disguise).

  • SIR

    Typical. Very few companies can become successful and still churn out the amazing products it used to. I fear Bethesda is not one of these companies, and Skyrim’s success will ultimately be the death of the franchise. Perhaps this new zombie mode is designed to capture the audience of the dregs of the gaming world. Yep, you guessed it: The Call of Duty players. If this is what they are doing, and it seems likely, Expect a massive drop in the quality of the elderscrolls games as Bethesda start churning them out faster and faster.This is indeed a sad day :(

  • Jamie19861

    nothing special about zombie pack on skyrim when there plenty undead roam land already I guess just another way by selling story to make money from us.I am Vampire Fan and no sign dawngaurd still and lack of communcation towards ps3 community and that make wealthy deal with xbox I am at point just getting rid of the game

  • Christopher

    They should give us some information rather than, we dont know. What they are really working on for the PS3 and maybe an estimate, IF ANY. Im getting irritated, and im not going back to xbox.

  • Dan Lordofthe Castle

    I lost faith in Bethesda when they took money from MS for the month early deal, any developer that does this looses my respect straight away. but now after waiting too long for even a shred of news about ps3 release for dawnguard im hugely dissapointed with how this issue has been handled. If dawnguard hasnt been release by the time AC3 has been i wont bother to spend anything more on skyrim DLC, other then that ive had no problems or bugs with skyrim on PS3. as for a zombie mode ill say this, i never liked zombie games, i hated zombie modes in CoD games and certainly wont be giving bethesda a dime for a zombie DLC.

  • AvatarofPatience

    Far to much speculation here for anyone to be able to actually weigh in their opinions, i advise everyone to adopt a wait and see approach because no one can say for sure that it is indeed a “zombie mode” DLC, and even if it is you don’t know just how amazingly they may be able to implement it into the game.
    Not to mention that there is no reason to go as far as saying they won’t add new lands for us to explore… no one knows yet, i’d be surprised if Bethesda even knew themselves at this point.

  • Kain

    I want the war finished! What about the thalmor? Talos, our hero god has been outlawed and we stand idley by while other concern about vampires and zombies?!? FREEDOM OR SOVANGARDE!

  • Nick

    The thing that makes me very angry and suprised the most about the delay for the PS 3, is that they haven’t apologized or told us anything about if there fixing it or not. Its quite amazing actually that you can treat devoted fans this way… I guess the prefer kissing Microsofts ass than helping their fans. I know I get annoyed with blizzard in world of warcraft, but atleast they give us updates and information. Hope your happy Bethesda youll fit right in with companies like Capcom who give up on games like megaman legends 3, like you did with Dawnguard on the ps 3…

  • John Tyler

    zombies OK but as its been said before Skyrim already has them and i think something like shivering isles would be a good add-on i loved that part in oblivion. just because Bethesda is having problems getting the Dawnguard out on the ps3 doesn’t mean you should shun them yes it’s disappointing i myself have been waiting for it too and fear that the new DLC will keep Dawnguard from being completed any sooner but they make good games

  • Minos

    The zombie thing has run its course EXCEPT in RPGs. In RPGs the zombie can get very interesting. My favourite WoW expansion easily WoTLK.

  • out ragged ps3 owner

    That is it i waited all summer for the dlc looked it up on the internet every day skyrim daveloppers you have lost my faith and my 20$ and if u chatge that much for the dlc it will make me even more mad but i wont have time to play it now becuase of school so i hope ur company burns with the microsoft tycoon!!!