Fallout 4 location assumption

Assumptions have been made recently about the location of Fallout 4, and although Bethesda has declined to comment on the speculation that it could be set in Boston, there are reports that the sequel will revolve around this area of America. Apparently, Bethesda has recently been scoping out this part of the world, and they are also suspected to have a strong connection to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

It seems that a poster of what could be an employee of the MIT has been posted anonymously to protect his job. Claiming that Bethesda is currently researching Boston this employee stressed that he couldn’t go into any more detail in fear for the safety of his job. News of this is documented in an article on CVG, and they highlight the vagueness of this post, as the anonymous employee apologizes for the lack of information, but it’s not worth the risk of being sued and losing his job, as well as others.

Another Reddit user added to the speculation linking the game to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and states that he would not be surprised if these rumors are confirmed in the coming weeks. With this in mind, those who loved Fallout 3 and stumbled upon the ending without completing the side missions are hoping that this will not be the case in the new game, as this can lose gamers motivation. In other news, What Culture expects more in the way of creativity and depth, because they also felt that both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas did not give much in the way of storylines.

Talking about the various locations that post apocalyptic scenes have taken place they feel that Tokyo would be an ideal setting, as this is the world’s largest city and the Japanese culture is one that could really bring something to the game. The Midwestern United States is another mentioned along with Texas, San Francisco, and the Philippines. In addition, they talk about a Megavault that could sustain thousands of people and a water world scenario would also be great fun, with the opportunity to dart around on jet skis and sail boats, as opposed to walking in circles in the wasteland.

Adding a survival-horror element to the game has also been suggested, along with the area of the Mediterranean being rebuilt with large cities going up in places like Italy, Greece and Egypt among others. This would be a great way to combine the future tech that Fallout is famous for, and the ancient cultures of those Mediterranean lands. Putting the fantasies behind us, our last article on Fallout 4 spoke about those waiting for Skyrim DLC 2 may be put aside while Bethesda works on Fallout 4 instead. Do you think Bethesda is currently busy working on Fallout 4? Maybe you feel that it is too soon to be concentrating on the next The Elder Scrolls.

  • Gary

    ‘Water world scenario’

    Are you actually serious??

    ‘Darting around on jet skis and sail boats’

    If this was the case then we wouldn’t be playing Fallout. Fallout should be set in a wasteland. In a city, with huge derelict buildings & abandoned cars littering the streets. This is what made Fallout 3 great and this is what will make the next game great.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Take a proven formulation and make it better. More interaction, deeper exploration and more expansive missions.

    There really have been some terrible suggestions for the next instalment of Fallout (having vehicles was one of the worst) but a Waterworld scenario is totally laughable….

  • Juan

    they should make fallout 4 in the big city like new york or something like that….

  • sean

    Would love fallout to move away from America even if for one game. Would be fun to see how other cultures and countries rose from the ashes of the great war, this would allow Bethesda to implement new ideas and new creatures whilst holding onto a post-apocalyptic atmosphere we have come to love. On another note “Jet-Skis”! no way, walking around may be a hassle some of the time but that’s what make the environments of the elder scrolls and fallout universe to be so enthralling.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.ballard1 Tony Ballard

    I hope it will be open ended so I can carry on when you finish so I can do all the side quests as well.

  • Luke

    I really think that the vehicle thing is a bad idea but something that could make you a little faster like a horse-like mount or a sprint button would be good.

    • Gary

      Couldnt agree more mate, to add vehicles wud totally destroy the mechanic of the gameplay. I would hate for it to end up being like Rage…

      • Ross

        Vehicles have been in Fallout universe since 2241. In Fallout 2, you create a Highwayman engine with Energy Cells, Microfusion cells and electronic charge parks and it lets you travel from town to town like 150% faster. So not to sound like an idiot, but if you want to talk about ‘ruining fallout with vehicles’ Play all of them.

  • Llort

    An MIT setting would be amazing.

  • kirky

    yeah fallout 3 was amazing because there was so much you can do! i really like the diffrent endings in fallout new vagas means you have reason to play it more again! and fallout has trophies but there is more to do that collect trophies! i think same game no change to graphics or gameplay! just change location and caricters! would be good to pick your past befor you start!

  • rally

    fallout sounds great im ready for it!! What about a Rage 2?


    they should have a new type of deathclaw breed as a creature that would be cool. and for a new location i think they should make it in another country as well…like Italy for its monumental history wich would be a good continue for the brotherhood chapter since in fallout 3 they would pay u for any pre-war books to gather information from the past….but i would like the 4 main factions inertwined in the story where u can pick a side in the war kinda like new vegas but with the brotherhood of steel, ncr, enclave, and legion. make it like u can side with wich ever one u want or were u could build ur own faction of followers to liberate the place haha that would be cool but the vehicle idea is against the foundations of a post-apocalyptic world…..i luv traveling on foot…it wouldnt be the same…new weapons, and gotta keep the super mutants cause its fun to fight them lol the big dummies…fallout 3 was my favorite cause it was huge and a lot of exploring witch is one of my favorite things to do…and more cool weapon creations…oh and more special weapon locations and special armor……FALLOUT-4-EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!