Green Day immortalized on Angry Birds

It looks like Green Day are set to be immortalized as characters on Angry Birds, as this popular game will have the band featuring as pig characters, along with music from their upcoming new album. This is great for fans of both as the game is available now, months before their triple album release.

Rovio’s partnership with Green Day starring in their own episode of Angry Birds Friends on Facebook is a great way to hear their new single ‘Oh Love’ as well as their exclusive extra track ‘Troublemaker’. Reporting this CVG mention GD not being the only band that has been in communication about a partnership, as a KISS themed Angry Birds was on the cards, but it didn’t work out. This version will involve ten levels, with pig characters of Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt, which will be the ideal situation for Green Day and Rovio to expand their fan base.

We might be under the impression both need revitalizing although Angry Birds still seems to have plenty of the limelight even though an article on China highlights the opening of the first Angry Birds retail outlet in China. In this, the grand opening of this merchandise outlet has not got the reception anticipated, and although it is selling allsorts of Angry Birds stuff, the pricing has been a turn off for customers. It seems that the value online is better, even though there are many pirate copies available.

Apparently, an Angry Birds-themed T-shirt costs 259 yuan, which translates at about $40. Not only is this expensive, but when presented with a copy from a third down to a fifth of the price, the fakes are more accessible. In other related news, last month we looked at recommendations for an Angry Birds trilogy to be made available for the PS Vita, and those who feel the popular game needs to make an appearance on the handheld also feel that it can be easily done. We understand that many may feel the PlayStation Vita should be for top graphics and games with great storylines, although it is nice to have some variety.

In our honest opinion it would be an ideal game to add to the catalog of titles that are necessary for all of the Vita’s uses. Would you like to see the Angry Birds Trilogy on the PlayStation Vita?