Latest GTA 5 eye candy offers secrets

With the limited news on Grand Theft Auto V, there are many assumptions being made from what is available and the three new screenshots from the game have given us cause to investigate what can be taken from this. Taking a closer look at the eye candy on offer we are interested to see what secrets they hold, if any.

In one of the screenshots, a car is shown and the name on the back is Cheeta, which is how this is spelt in other GTA games, except for Grand Theft Auto 4 where the Cheetah was unavailable. In a report on Now Gamer, they regard the spelling as irrelevant, focusing on the return of the iconic GTA vehicle, but question whether the “H” is blurred. Trying to read more into the figures on the number plate the most they can get from this is that it has a San Andreas license plate, although the surroundings look like the GTA equivalent of Beverly Hills, known as Rodeo.

An image of a fighter plane may give those with image enhancing software cause to look closer at the pilot, as this could be the main protagonist from the Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer, especially since he is wearing a suit and no flight helmet. Another picture of a biker will bring the attention to the cycle itself, as this looks like a road bike with its low-slung handlebars, and this could be another addition to the BMX and mountain bikes that were available in San Andreas. The attire of the rider is worth pointing out, as the cycling shorts give us reason to believe more character customization options will be available, although this may not be a playable character.

One gamer who looked closely at the license plate is under the impression that OCT is visible and assumes that this could relate to an October release date, but this could also be another trailer time. As the excitement for the game escalates, seeing the vehicles involved has had many demanding more and some question whether the graphics are going to be as good as seen in the images. Some gamers are still concerned that there is still no substantial GTA 5 news, although many are just happy to see some more screenshots.

An article on The Daily Pixel is one that could really get fans of the franchise talking as this mentions Rockstar assuring critics that it only expects 19% of players to commit real-life atrocities, from their experience throughout this violent campaign. In this, they mention that the vast majority of Grand Theft Auto 5 players will only have slight feelings of murderous rage, and jokes have been made about GTA games inciting allsorts of real-life atrocities. Although this article was written to be humorous, those who found it amusing feel that Rockstar need to up their game and increase the percentage given.

Maybe this will cause some gamers to hunt down those responsible for the upcoming game and keep them hostage, torturing them for more info about GTA 5. In addition, last week we wrote a post on the potential of Grand Theft Auto V in 3D, although many feel that until it is perfected it is not worth entertaining the idea. Can you find any hidden secrets in the GTA V screenshots that have been available?

  • ADAM

    Have you ever played a GTA? Its always been CHEETAH

    • drazor

      Lol! Right? “Its spelled cheeta like it is in other gta games.” Haha talk about the dude never playn gta before XD he’s just making stuff up.

  • Matt

    It is spelt cheetah look at the spacing the h is just in the sun glare

  • c dub

    it does say OCT on it are you just blind?

  • unimpressed

    great, r* have sent us 3 screenshots. the last was 2 and we had a month with nothing so this means we now have 2 months with nothing. thanks r* for telling us that. please don’t make a trailer, i don’t want another 9 months of silence

  • BeastBoy

    On the bike picture, if it is the main char holding it, i also noticed he has a watch on his right hand. This could possibly be a clue to customization on characters.

  • Dan

    This was yesterday’s news you guys are so delayed

  • GTA freak

    Firstly its CHEETAH because there is 2 letters on the left of license plate and only one on the right so there is one more letter which is ‘H’ (License plate is at the center) . Secondly there is no OCT on the license plate it says ‘”SAN ANDREAS”.

    • Chris

      it says OCT top left of the licence plate.

  • drazor

    I’ve thought this sense I saw the screenshots yesterday, but the picture of the guy on the bike almost looks like a real picture of a guy riding near santa Monica pier just as the sun is going down. I mean look were the bike shorts end on his calfs, you can see the buldge in his skin from the tightness like they’d do in real life. Idk the picture look great, and i hope its real that would be amazing graphic quality, but I link R* threw in a real pic for some reason. Also it WILL be spelled cheetah, its been spelled that way every game its been featured in, and the second E is centered over the license plate with two letters to the left of the plate but only one letter to the right and a glare were the H should be. It would be odd for R* To waste time centering a name on the bumper when it would look funky in the end.

  • drazor

    It almost looks like the picture of the guy on the bike is a real picture of a guy riding by Santa monica pier near sunset. I mean look were the bike shorts end on his calf, they make his skin buldge like they would in real life. Idk if its a screenshot or a real picture R* just threw in to screw with ppl, I hope its real tho, that would show amazing graphic quality. And yea its gonna be cheetah, has been in every game its been featured in, and the spacing would be to weird if there was no H it would be all off center ect..

  • Niko Bellic

    After looking closely at the letters on the car it appears to say 5PM OCTOBER5.
    This could be a new trailer!

  • Parker

    the license plate has 8 characters. which is one more than the usual 7. this is hinting that the world is huuuuge.

  • Alan harper

    Check on top of the front wheel arch, that car dont come like that as standard that has been customised, how do i know it dont come like that as standard i hear u cry, because this is gta n that look is tacky much like saints row

  • Craig B.

    I can only imagine what the next batch of screens will be, hopefully Mt.Chiliad or out in the boonies somewhere or the Vincent Thomas Bridge where Tony Scott flew to his death, that where the speedophile 2000 was seen.