Dust 514 to get PS Vita companion app

Dust 514 is the upcoming free-to-play multiplayer shooter and news that it will be getting a PlayStation Vita companion app will be a welcome sign for those who want to monitor and adjust their mercenaries on the move. Apparently, Dust 514 Neocom as it is called will have no actual gameplay, but it will give you the opportunity to make much needed changes, as well as buy items.

The application will be ideal for customizing the loadout of your characters, along with purchasing various items from the in-game shop. Documenting the highlights of this app Pocket Gamer also mention this as a great way to explore the galaxy where Dust 514 is located, along with news that CCP has given hints about the future of this app, which is expected to let you play with the infrastructure of planets where your corporation is in charge.

Since yesterday, PS Plus members in North America can try out the Dust 514 beta, which is also available in Europe from today. Reporting this news Joystiq informs their readers that CCP’s closed beta for its free-to-play shooter, although PlayStation Plus members can join in and receive a 50% discount on the “Mercenary Pack,” which makes it a decent offer of $10. The Mercenary Pack contains items and 4,000 AUR in-game currencies, and that relates to about $20.

This is good news in comparison to our last article on the misleading Dust 514 costs of high-end gear, as the initial cost of 24 cents in real money terms is a bargain, but those killed off are expected to fork out repeatedly every time you perish. Buying items with real money is still an option, as those earning currency in the game will be able to get their goods for free. What do you think about having to pay for your gear every time you expire? In addition, does the idea of a companion app tempt you to make vital adjustments to your Dust 514 experience using the PS Vita?

  • Kayoss860

    i think paying for gear everytime you die is kind of over kill. I suck at games like this but i still want to play. I dont want have to become bankrupt because my lack of skill to not die. I think if this is the case, the way people approach and play this game will be very very different (camping anyone?) to avoid dying.
    But in the other perspective, it will make the game more competitive and more strategic. I hope this will be the case. So far the Beta looking good.

    • http://www.facebook.com/hayden.m.burgess Hayden Michael Burgess

      I have the beta and there are some free weapons, its worth a play anyway

  • extravagantnonsense

    you can always play for free. that is the point. but if you want to, you can pay more. the fact that if you die, you lose the things you die with adds a great element to the game – but everyone gets access to basic free weapons which you can always use, for no money.