Full Diablo 3 1.0.4 rundown

A whole array of fixes have been dealt with in the latest Diablo 3 patch and 1.0.4 is more than just a few small tweaks and changes. As we take a look at some of the new improvements, we also inform our European readers that this will be rolling out at about 3am today running until 1am.

The large patch will overhaul massive parts of the game to assist your enjoyment and the changelog has the full rundown. Once gamers hit level 60 they will get the opportunity to gain extra stat points from the new Paragon Levels system and Shack News mentions the Nephalem Valor also being polished for players to obtain more shiny gear and bonuses. The Legendary items have been enhanced with plenty of new changes and everything from fixed bugs and rebalanced heaps of skills, to improvements concerning the auction house.

To get more insight on installing this patch head over to Battlenet.com and get the information required, especially if you are having trouble with technical issues or experiencing errors while playing the newly patched game. On this site, the latest client patch notes are documented including details on the new Paragon Levels system, achievements, the auction house, bosses, crafting, followers, items, monsters, quests and bug fixes. In the list, details on the user interface and the Mac are also mentioned.

We would love to divulge more of the information involved, but this patch is so large we suggest you visit the Battlenet site through the above link to get all the info you require. Only yesterday we wrote about the lack of Diablo 3 endgame content, which Blizzard are aware of, and this is where the patch will sort out this issue with the new ‘Paragon System’. The 1.0.4 patch will rectify issues with Magic Find gear swapping, according to the developer. Have you experienced the new patch yet? Has this dealt with many of your concerns?

  • Connith -Amumu

    Better be good as The Blizzard Fucktards admit their ‘style’ wasn’t enjoyable. They’re attempting to implement grindin and a somewhat worthwhile endgame experience. Will it make up for The Great Disappointment?