Insightful NBA 2K13 dev video

New additions to gameplay in NBA 2K13 have been shown on a video giving an insight into what will be available in the game. In this installment of the basketball franchise, more of the play revolves around the right stick and the footage allows users to see a few more of the moves that will stop your opponent from stealing the ball.

Keeping the ball is a main factor and the urge to make space is another important aspect that is also shown on the footage. The Bleacher Report write about Austin Rivers appearing and that he will be the first of the Hornets’ rookies viewed in NBA 2K13, along with a brief show of Sub-Zero being checked by Manu Ginobili. This video will be the 2nd part of the developer’s series, introducing some new aspects of the game, which also discusses the improved passing and collision detection. This coincides with the amount of attention the physics side of sports titles have had this year.

Fans will get to see a few other superstars including an accurate rendering of Chris Paul, which will be welcomed by many seasoned NBA enthusiasts, as previous versions have not shown a true likeness. Yahoo highlight the fact that NBA 2K13 will include the Dream Team along with Team USA 2012, and this is good news for those wanting to pit the two teams against each other. Apparently, there will not be any sign of Scottie Pippen on the ’92 roster, as he could not come to terms with the game’s makers, which is a shame, as his services will definitely be missed.

The absence of Pippen will be disappointing to many fans, although we are sure that many will upload systematic tutorials on how to create your own Scottie Pippen via YouTube. At the beginning of the month we wrote about the influence of Jay-Z throughout NBA 2K13, and even though he played a big part in this eagerly anticipated game, his role was questioned because there wasn’t much to pinpoint about his hands-on assistance other than the 24-song soundtrack, which also includes six of his own songs. Are you upset about the absence of Scottie Pippen? Alternatively, what other improvements do you think can be made in NBA 2K12?