New AMD HD 7800 / 7900 pricing

Reports of a price drop is always good news and with Nvidia reducing their costs it seems that the new AMD HD 7800 and 7900 series graphics cards are also joining in to keep the competition flowing. This has amounted to an overall price drop in this region of ten to twenty percent across all cards, and there are concerns whether Nvidia will continue to cut the cost of their newly launched graphics cards.

This could cause problems for AMD and WCCF Tech report on what could be a panicked decision to drop the prices being initiated by Nvidia. The revised prices are also documented with the old and new so you can compare them, although we thought it would be a good idea to only highlight the new ones. The Radeon HD 7850 1GB is now available for $190, with the 7850 2GB at $210, the 7870 2GB for $250 and the 7970 3GB for $320, which is a $40-$50 drop in some cases.

With many comparing ATI/AMD and Nvidia, some view the value as pretty even at the moment, although some are suggesting that Nvidia have the edge. With this in mind, the 8000 series could soon be on the way, and there are mixed views about which of the current company’s are better and even though the prices are relative, those having issues with the bad drivers from AMD will opt for Nvidia.

The AMD cuts are also reported on XbitLabs highlighting their reduction in relation to Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 660 Ti. A statement by AMD mentions how they aim to offer the best performance in the high-end segment of the graphics market today, with new price moves for their enthusiasts. Do you think this will initiate another reduction from Nvidia?