Possible Wii U press event date

Expectations are high that an announcement will be made at the Wii U press event in New York hosted by Nintendo on the 13th of September. Inviting the press to this occasion Nintendo has promised to reveal more about the upcoming console, with an insight into how the Wii U will change the future of gaming and entertainment.

With the 3DS and the Wii both given US launch dates at similar New York events speculation suggests that this will be the perfect time for Nintendo to not only reveal the release date but also the price. CVG report the event being held on Thursday the 13th of September, and that this will be when the Wii U release date announcement is expected, although some gamers a skeptical that this could actually be lined up for the Tokyo Game Show, and as far as pricing goes many are hoping that it will be under £250.

In an article on MTV.com, they highlight rumors that the Wii U pre-orders will start in September, according to an internal Best Buy email. With the official announcement of a release date getting closer allsorts of reports have made various suggestions, but where pre-orders are concerned we get added insight into the when Nintendo will reveal pricing and a release date. Even though the Wii U cannot be ordered, an anonymous source highlighted a supposed email referring to the magic of BestBuy.com, in which customers can sign up and receive notification via email when pre-orders become available.

If there is any truth behind this email we will not only get to know whether customers can order the Wii U as early as next month, but they will also be obliged to tell us the release date and pricing prior to this. Take what you will from this, as the month of September will be here in 9 days time, so some official news is on its way. In connection to this, last week we wrote about a possible Black Friday release, although this news has been accumulating from rumors. Do you feel that there will be more details about the console before the announcement of the launch date?