PS4 downplayed for PS3 super slim

The PlayStation 3 is now coming up for its sixth birthday and those listening to rumors will expect the next generation console to release sometime next year, but Sony feel that now is a “prime time” for the PS3 and this gives us cause to expect a super slim announcement in the near future. Those who do not own Sony’s current console may be waiting for the PS4 to come out, although this could be a while, as the PlayStation 3 seems to have plenty of life left in the old boy.

According to Sony Worldwide Studios chief Shuhei Yoshida, “there has never been a better time to jump in,” and there are many games coming out, along with new ones expected next year, and apparently the library of games available will be offered at a very affordable price. In an article on Eurogamer they highlight a possible super slim announcement at the Tokyo Game Show, and Yoshida’s comments about the new games like the Last of Us and Beyond, shows an example of how Sony is prepared to invest in eye-catching PlayStation 3 exclusives this late on in the consoles’ lifespan.

When Yoshida was asked about PS3 super slim set for a Tokyo Game Show announcement, he said that this was just one of many rumors circulating on the internet, although he seemed happy about the news of a drop in price for the PS3 expected this year. In PS4 related news, write about the speculative reports of the release date, price and specs rumors, and an analyst claims that the next gen console will come out in 2014, a year after the Xbox 720. The so called PS4 or PlayStation Orbis is reported to be releasing next year, but the PS3 was launch around six years ago and was given a ten year lifespan, so this gives us the impression Sony are in no rush to bring out the next gen console anytime soon.

What Microsoft does could play a big part in how long they are willing to wait, and with rumors of development kits for the new console, they could be ready before we expect. Some basic information about the specs have been mentioned on T3’s site, along with rumored details including there being no backwards compatibility for PlayStation, PS2 and PS3 games, although they may feature as downloads via PSN.

Going back to the topic of the Super Slim console, last month we wrote about aggressive pricing with a region of $150 or £99 being suggested, but we can see this being higher giving Sony more room to reduce it further as time goes on. Are you expecting the super slim PS3 to make an appearance sometime soon?

  • TheTechNerd

    Since my Playstation 3 died last month…I’m looking forward to replacing it with a redesigned Playstation 3 super slim. I hope Sony release it soon.

  • Jeffrey Lennon

    I don’t have a Playstation 3, but would consider the slim if the price was right.