FIFA 13 lacking women’s soccer, hope for FIFA 14

Although women’s soccer is getting bigger, it is fair to say that it has a long way to go before it reaches the heights of what we can see in men’s football. However, with that in mind, a game about a particular sport is expected to have all the elements that are involved, and we are interested in the idea of female participants in the popular FIFA franchise.

Without trying to sound sexist the likes of World Cups, league cups and domestic competitions are massive events where men’s football is concerned, and fans of the beautiful game can pluck various statistics about their favorite players and teams going back years. The likes of Pele and Maradona are mentioned regularly in various debates leading up to today’s Messi and Ronaldo, and although some may feel that players nowadays are being paid extortionate amounts of money, the fans are what makes this game so popular.

Being ignorant to women’s football, I cannot name a single player or team that is famous, because not enough media revolves around this aspect, and maybe the introduction of women’s soccer to a popular game like FIFA, could generate more interest. An article on Kotaku reports on the lack of female football in the video game and FIFA Producer, David Rutter speaks about the idea of this aspect making an appearance in the next installment.

Highlighting the need to do it properly he acknowledges that it is too late to add this to FIFA 13, and has no intention of making this as DLC, because he wouldn’t want it to be a token tack-on feature, thus demeaning women’s football. Although he hasn’t committed himself to state when this will appear, he told a petition supporter this will happen at some point, and shows concern that it should be done well, hoping that EA will be involved. This is also one of many suggestions that have been proposed to EA of late and by the sounds of it, they consider every request made for the game, although marketing is also a big factor, so this could be a new feature for FIFA 14.

In other FIFA 13 related news, FIFPLAY provide the latest on the soundtrack for the game and highlights the Presets new single “Ghosts”, as well as featuring one of Britain’s most exciting new artists, Clement Marfo and The Frontline, whose feel good anthem “Us Against The World” is another great addition. The three new songs announced are Big Mouth by Santigold, Let It Roll Part 2 by Flo Rida feat. Lil Wayne and On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons.

Our most recent FIFA 13 post spoke about the true realism experienced in a demo of this at the Gamescom event, and a new skill games mode will be the arena part of the FIFA 13, which is said to be an ideal improvement for those waiting for it to load. We also mentioned the new cover that has two more faces added to Lionel Messi’s appearance. What is your opinion on the lack of women’s football in FIFA 13? Do you think they should limit it down to national sides considering many men’s domestic leagues are not included in the game?

  • monkeyboy

    womens football! dont we already have the american MLS league!!

  • Declan

    Make it a dlc so if you want to have it you can but if you don’t want it you don’t have to have it

  • j

    no no no and no

  • James1811

    It will cost EA more substantial licensing fees and take further time to implement in an already in a considerably tight timeframe. Until the FIFA community takes a vivid interest; I can’t see the feature being incorporated any time soon.

  • junkiecore

    It amazes me how people just assume that it will change the game we play now (the men’s game) in any shape or form. If you “don’t want to have it”, you simply don’t play it. Nobody’s forcing anybody to do anything, but we would like the OPTION of having women’s teams of some sort. If they add a mode with women’s tournament, how is that going to change the game for you? Just skip it. And before you tell me that it’s going to make the game more expensive, well, so do all the other men leagues and smaller teams that I’m sure the majority of the gamers couldn’t care less about.

  • Dean

    Judging from this year’s Olympic performance (or lack there of by the US men) – I’d choose the women’s national team any day over our men. +1 for women’s football

  • JohnWayne

    Honestly what’s the point, there’s good leagues in the world missing from fifa and you want them to implement woman’s football. There’s other and better stuff ea should focus on in terms of fifa.

  • HA

    womens football…….. SUCKS. End of story.

  • Willy Vanegas

    they need to get on south american leagues before they go putting females in this game

  • Marx

    Just replace it with the MLS. Its the same thing anyways!

  • walkingonwater

    nobody wants women in fifa unless theyre running around naked

  • the king jr

    wanna hear a joke? women’s rights!!!!

  • mario

    jeez, women cant play football dont even think about putting women in fifa 14

  • Troothseeker

    I find it funny how he mentions not knowing any women footballers yet bangs on about womens football. I could name around 10 women footballers and i still don’t care about womens football. Its crap!!!!

  • rugbyman019

    Jeez reading the 1st 3 comments im guessing these people haven’t watched womens football Marta is better than half those pansies playing in the prem

  • derp

    no offense to womans soccer its fantastic but ir in fifa would be a waste of time and money

  • femalebeardsley

    nobseeker if you could name 10 women footballers you would’ve done, proving your a nob, the reason the article goes on about womens football is because it is a legitmate request to involve all aspects of soccer, and the main hint is in the title, and many female teams could give some of these overpaid nancyboys a run for their money!

  • awesome

    i honestly dont see how they can put the womens football in without discriminating, like all the player attribute will be like 20’s (except matar)