Latest PS4 rumor believability


Speculation surrounding the PlayStation 4 has been relentless with everything from features and release dates to the size and color of the model, and the latest rumors that it will support ultra HD ’4K Resolution’ displays gives us cause to question the believability of some suggestions that have been mentioned since news of its existence.

According to an anonymous source, the ultra- HD features will support 4K resolution and will be a key feature to the upcoming console. Reporting the news of this rumor, CVG say this could be part of Sony’s plans to introduce new 4K resolution tech to their consumers. For those concerned with what this term means, 4K resolution describes the pixel count on display and this amounts to 4000 pixels horizontally, much like Quad Full High Definition and Ultra HD. This resolution will not only be expected with movies but also on games, which could be very exciting.

Those questioning whether there is any truth behind this are concerned whether this will be any use on their TV, with some worried about having to buy a newer television. With many saying, they will believe it when they see it, we would love to see it, as this could be another big leap for the games console industry. In other PS4 news, ITProPortal report on the SCE Studio Liverpool closing, as one of the UK’s oldest video game houses shuts down. In the title, they say that many PS4 launch titles have been shelved while Sony continues to reorganize its operations amidst the financial current climate.

Starting off as Psygnosis in 1984 the software development studio made its mark on the industry with titles like Shadow of the Beast on the Commodore 64, Amiga and Atari ST. Acquired and rebranded in 1993 Studio Liverpool worked on many PlayStation projects including the popular Wipeout series, and in connection to this Wipeout 2048 for the PS Vita will be the final game produced by Sony Liverpool.

Keeping to the original subject of the PS4 our most recent article mentioned the console being downplayed for PS3 super slim, and all of those concerned about the arrival of Sony’s next gen console may be swayed for the time being about how much potential is still left in the PlayStation 3. The super slim edition could not only cause the current PS3’s to drop in price, but will keep the attention on the current machines until the release of the PS4, along with new games coming out and more expected to prolong the lifespan of the PlayStation 3. Has the age of your current console given you reason to invest in a new super slim one? On the other hand, are you going to hold out for the next generation?

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I don;t think sony can afford to do. The consumer would never be able to afford this. Sony is not that insane they are already bleeding money.

Games 4 times 1080p no way price of gpu wud be crazy