GTA 5 visual barrage excites

Up until last week, news on Grand Theft Auto 5 was a bit sparse, and it got to a point where fans of the upcoming game were calling for something substantial, as we started seeing signs of a loss in interest. Not much actual information has been divulged of late, but the latest barrage of eye candy has renewed anticipation for this next GTA installment.

At the start of last week we had some new Grand Theft Auto V screenshots that offered a few secrets, and by taking a closer look at the latest images, we saw the return of the iconic Cheetah car that was not seen in the last game. The surroundings of the image looked like the GTA equivalent of Beverly Hills, known as Rodeo, and many suggestions arose from the license plate. The screenshot of the cyclist gave us reason to believe a new road bike could be accessible along with more extensive customization by looking at the attire of the rider, but then again this may not be a playable character.

Towards the end of the week, we started to see some more GTA V screens that showed sports within the upcoming game, and the one of the trial bikes on a dirt course looks set to be some form of money making mini game or even a career path fro the protagonist. Another of a parachute could amount to some cool base-jumping scenarios, and those looking closer picked out a waterfall in the background, so there is hope for various white-knuckle sports.

One of the most prominent theories regarded an image of the back of a character’s head and suggestions were made about whether there will be more than one playable character because of the graded hairstyle, but many would regard this as the original protagonist with customized hair. We are interested what secrets can you unravel from the screenshots, although many gamers are now concerned with specific details on the game such as a release date, or another trailer.

Yesterday some more GTA 5 screens were made available showing us that Rockstar are now pushing more images out adding to the excitement of the recently renewed interest. On their website, which you can check out through this link, Rockstar games have more great looking images showing police amongst other things. We are particularly interested in the screenshot of what looks like a bald character aiming a gun at a helicopter and we initially wondered if the laser is coming from the gun or the copter. This massive push by Rockstar has caused renewed excitement for the next GTA game, and has some gamers wondering what will be next? Rockstar are promising more to come in the next few weeks, so is it time for a new game trailer?

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      Trolls take note. It is a track in GTA vice city.

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    I don’t think there are multiple protagonists, maybe just complete character customisation at the start, similar to Skyrim.

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      your so wrong they’ll never make it so you cn completly make your own character. there will be a set character. with a name already made

      • Jim Wills

        You’re probably right, I just don’t want multiple protagonists.

  • Fufu

    Im from dundee where gta was created, and the amount of refrences to dundee and scotland in gta iv is unreal, only people from this neck of the woods would understand it. That is all