PS Vita 1.80 with PSP touchscreen support visualized

The new PS Vita 1.80 update is said be a substantial one, which will give users the opportunity to play PSone Classics on the device. There is also news that it will come with PSP touchscreen support, so those who miss specific titles from the PSone will now get the chance to play their favorite classic games utilizing them fully on the Vita.

These classics will be accessible to download through the PSN, and list those available from today the 28th of August. Arc the Lad, Cool Boarders 2, FINAL FANTASY VII, Hot Shots Golf 2, Jet Moto, Syphon Filter, Tomb Raider, Twisted Metal 2 and Wild Arms are listed. They also inform those who have already purchased these games can re-download from their PS Store account and transfer them to their Vita straight from their PlayStation 3 for no extra cash.

News of the PSP touchscreen support is reported on the PSN Stores website and they show off some of the features in an image gallery, which points out the ability to now assign different controller inputs to the corners of the Vita touch screen. It also seems as if Sony have added support to map the Right Stick to the L and R buttons, and this just adds more options for those who want the choice. In addition, there is more news concerning the PS Vita on PlayStation Universe, as they highlight more new indie titles coming to the handheld.

With many suggesting that the PlayStation Vita’s lack of standout games and limited catalog is holding the console back, reports of more indie titles on the horizon gives us hope that there are better times ahead. The addition of a new publisher has amounted in more confidence as far as the Vita is concerned, with Ripstone creative director Phil Gaskell, talking about the future of the handheld and more future indie games. There are many companies interested in working with the PlayStation Vita and a whole variety of indie titles are expected to come to the Vita in the coming months and years.

Three of the main titles mentioned already are Panic Big, Sky Infinity, and Knytt Underground, which are expected to release sometime this year, and PS Vita users told to stay tuned to any other news on indie development through the PlayStation Universe website. In connection to the lackluster media surrounding the handheld, our previous article on the PS Vita gaining attention at Gamescom talks about how the long-awaited gameplay trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified has accumulated some interest, and news of upcoming titles like Killzone: Mercenary has also produced plenty of attention.

Do you feel that the introduction of more indie titles will assist the Vita? In addition, what PSone titles would you like to see?