Assassin’s Creed 3 nautical gameplay commentary

When it comes to information concerning the eagerly anticipated Assassin’s Creed 3 title the nautical aspect of the gameplay has been discussed in quite some detail, and the inclusion of this is set to show another refreshing change to this popular series. The historical background of the setting is said to have many naval scenarios and this adds to the conflict that surrounded the American Revolution during that period.

Alex Hutchinson the creative director mentions how this war was not fought solely on land and to give this a more realistic feel he talks about giving protagonist Connor the chance to captain his own ship and fight in historical naval battles. Documenting his commentary on this aspect of the gameplay Examiner touch on some of the finer points of this nautical feature, with everything from choices of shot for cannon fire to obtaining any other loose items scavenged up off the deck for use as alternative ammunition for the weapons.

Encounters with aggressive ships are not the only problem that will be faced, as the dynamic weather system involved will also have an affect on the sea causing massive waves through torrential storms, so precision and timing can be a priority when firing cannons. Other missions will include the avoidance of mines in the water along with attack forts, and tasks will include boarding enemy ships and performing deadly assassinations.

As far as Desmond is concerned Gamezone reports on this character being a more prominent fixture in comparison to other AC titles, although they do question whether this will be the end for him. Not much information has been divulged about Desmond’s involvement in Assassin’s Creed 3, although Alex Hutchinson confirmed there would be more of him this time around, with the storyline building up to Desmond as an assassin. Hutchinson’s comments in relation to new beginnings and closing off storylines have given us cause to feel that Desmond’s journey will finish and he has said that he does need to end.

In our most recent Assassin’s Creed 3 post we spoke about the unexpected events and storylines, which will be a nice surprise for fans of the series, and this also mentions Alex Hutchinson’s reference to close off some stories allowing others to flourish and start. Do you feel the nautical gameplay is a healthy addition to the franchise? What are your thoughts on a possible end for Desmond?