BF3 support dictated by fans, BF4 a factor

With only three more DLC packs expected for Battlefield 3 the mission is supposed to be over, although there are suggestions that this could carry on until the release of BF4. DICE Lead Designer Niklas Fegraeus has said that even though many fans are looking forward to the next game, support for BF3 will continue if the fans interest remains high.

This puts the ball in the fans court and the more they want to carry on with this ongoing battle, the more chance this will continue. In an article by Lazy Gamer, they highlight the upcoming third DLC pack with two more to follow, and the news that Battlefield 3 support will go on, if the fans are willing. With Aftermath in December and End Game coming in March, Fegraeus says that will be all of the announced DLC, although what comes after is unknown.

Concerns that DICE will disregard BF3 for the new Battlefield 4 has given Fegraeus reason to pause for thought, and expect they can support wherever the players go. Video Gamer report on the downloadable content coming out next Tuesday for PS3 Premium users and the following weeks for the rest, including the release on the Xbox 360 and PC Premium members a week later. Those without memberships can expect Armored Kill on the PlayStation 3 on September 18th, with Xbox and PC users on the 25th.

In connection to next installment in the series just over a month ago, we wrote about Battlefield 4 expectations and concerns on whether the upcoming beta will be for the PC, as rumors suggest this could possibly be a next gen title. With the expectation being relatively high, some are quizzical about the time of the game being too close to Battlefield 3, although we still don’t know when the next one will be released.

Speculation points us in the direction of a similar time bracket to the next gen systems, which would open up a large gap between the two Battlefield games. Are you happy to support BF3, while you wait for the arrival of BF4?