Galaxy Note 2 curved display gaming

Today is a big day if you’re considering purchasing the Galaxy Note 2 as we will finally learn what the specs will be for the device during Samsung’s Unpacked 2012 event. However, no matter what hardware will be packed into the upcoming smartphone what we’re most interested in is the display. It’s been a while since we learned that the Note 2 could come with a 5.5-inch screen and to some that could be a little on the large side, but there could be a way for Samsung to still achieve this size without making it look like a small tablet device and that’s a curved display, which we would have to say would be perfect for gaming.

There’s no denying that having such a large screen would be a huge benefit to gamers and the thought of losing a little of the display would effect their gaming experience, but if Samsung were thinking of a curved display then what a smart way of still managing to achieve that 5.5-inch screen. Such an idea would not be possible if it were not for Willow Glass (see video below), as this is thin and flexible enough to be wrapped around any sort of device, which in turn will give you a curved display.

When it comes to gaming on the iPhone there is no denying that it can become a little tiresome because of such a small display, which is something that a range of Samsung devices do not suffer with. However, it is thought that anything larger than a 5-inch display would begin to look a little silly because such a large form factor does not look ideal for a smartphone. If the rumor that Samsung will go with a curved display on the Galaxy Note 2 is true then we could even see the size of the device shrink a little when compared to the current version, as some of the viewing display would be wrapped around the edges of the handset instead.

It’s difficult to say what the benefits of a Galaxy Note 2 with a curved display would have on gaming, but knowing that you would be able to enjoy gaming on a 5.5-inch smartphone that does not look that large would surely be a positive? We would certainly love to know how he graphics will look on a curved display and if it would look a little distorted in any way, although we’re certain that if this rumor does turn out to be true then Samsung would have these issue covered.