Playable NHL 13 female characters, unlike FIFA

Electronic Arts recently announced playable female characters in the upcoming NHL 13 game, which is a refreshing addition and a first time for EA to include women in their hockey titles, so this could also be adapted to other sports games in the future. Although it is worth pointing out that this only involves two women’s Olympic hockey stars.

The initial news gave us reason to expect some women’s teams, but the two female characters will be a part of the playable legends in NHL 13. Reporting this CVG highlight the inclusion of former Team USA star Angela Ruggiero and Team Canada’s Hayley Wickenheiser both as playable characters, although we thought that both these women’s national sides would be a healthy addition to the game. Many may suggest that this is nothing new for sporting titles and those who have regularly used women characters in golf and tennis games would probably agree that a few full national sides would cover more aspects of the sport.

In fact, female playable characters in boxing titles would also be worth thinking about, especially when the Olympics have produced such great women athletes in many male dominant sports. This is where last weeks article comes into play, as we recently spoke about the lack of women’s soccer in FIFA 13, and although it seems too late to adapt this to FIFA 13, there is hope that this could become available in further installments. Many hardcore football enthusiasts may feel that there is no cause for female soccer in FIFA titles, but we feel that the addition of women’s national sides as an option would be a nod in the right direction to round off a complete football game with all aspects considered.

When it comes to the ratings of the players involved in NHL 13 an article on the Bleacher Report mentions some criticism the game has in regards to the most overrated and underrated players, and they look at ten that do not seem to reflect their actual ratings. In other news, our most recent NHL 13 post spoke about Claude Giroux, the cover vote winner, and how close the competition was with the likes of Predators goalie Pekka Rinne being beaten by just one percent. What is you opinion of the addition of more female characters in various sports titles? Do you have concerns about the rating system for NHL 13?