PS4 demo a false alarm

A recent demo of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes has given some people a reason to believe this was shown on a PS4, as rumors are questioning whether we have seen the next generation console in action. The game itself obviously looks that good to suggest this, and even though it is a false alarm, the speculation surrounding it is worth mentioning.

The reports come from those attending the Metal Gear Solid 25th anniversary event held in Japan, and the demo of the new game is said to be amazing, although many experiencing this don’t want to go on record about the details. An article on The Masonic Gamer highlight some insider information with one saying we have seen nothing like this from the current generation, another said they could not see the PS3 running this, from what has been seen, if this is the gameplay and not CGI the PlayStation 4 will be amazing.

This is where questions have been asked about whether the PS4 has been shown, although there is confirmation that this was running on a PC, yet there are suggestions that this could be a PS4 dev kit. Many gamers are under the impression that this was shown through a PC and expected on current gen consoles, so if the game looks that good some may feel this will be available on both next gen and existing systems.

In other PS4 news, Cnet write about reports of the next console having 4K resolution, and whether it will be relevant, as this rumor seems to hold some weight. Looking at the output of the PlayStation 2 and 3, they feel 4K is a possible outcome, although there is still some doubt whether both Sony and Microsoft are inclined to lose money adapting a pretty serious graphics card when the overall cost could damaging. As they list the specs for both current and previous PlayStation consoles, they feel the PS4 graphics will be far more superior to what we have now, but also mention the leap that games will have to take.

With this is in mind, our last article on the latest PS4 rumor believability, talks about ultra- HD feature that will support 4K resolution according to an anonymous source, and although this could be another big step in gaming, some wonder how this will be any use on their current television. Are you more interested in Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, as opposed to whether the PS4 was used?

  • Pollux

    Lol and it starting

  • The Future of Sega

    Of coarse it’s the PS4! It is NOT a false alarm!!!!! OWNED.

  • TareX

    Well it did look phenomenal… there literally was zero difference between the CGI and the actual gameplay. The thought of having a Batman game as good as the Hugo Strange trailer is even more drool-inducing..

  • spat55

    PC just as good as the next PS4 now anyway :0)

  • Nintendoro

    PC that runs this game at a full speed costs so much more than PS4 ever will.