Wii U power debate an impossibility

We are intrigued to know how powerful the Nintendo Wii U console is in comparison to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, although the theory is that it is not about the power and more about the playing experience. Trying to dissect the specifics of this aspect is harder than first perceived and there are many other questions being asked that all relate to the same thing.

Power is not the only thing on the mind of gamers as the quality of graphics available in Wii U games has also been mentioned. In an article on Eurogamer, they try to find out more concerning the power and graphics of the console by speaking to Nintendo, and they highlight the company’s focus on the experience of playing. Apparently it’s not about power, as this would have made both the GameCube and the Wii the number one systems or their generation, it is about fun and the whole experience.

A gamer that has had the chance to spend some time with the Wii U mentioned the Batman Arkham City title and the impression is that it does not run as well as expected, and the GamePad feature just reproduced exactly what was on the screen, although Rayman looked really good and ZombiU implemented the GamePad to better effect. It seems that the Wii U will pick up with better games but the launch titles are nothing special at the moment. Some have questioned why the specs have not been shown for the Wii U, in an age where people want to know what is contained.

In other related news, Videogamer write about a secret CryEngine 3 game heading to both the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo’s next gen console. The title teased by Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli a couple of months ago could be Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, as this shooter was listed on the ESRB’s website to be making its way to the Wii U as well as the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. According to the listing, the Mac and Vita are also possible destinations.

Only last week, we spoke about the upcoming Wii U press event in New York hosted by Nintendo and whether this would be the ideal time to announce an actual release date and a time. The event on the 13th of September could be a possible date for more than just a few details on the Wii U. What is your opinion on the lack of information on the specs from Nintendo?

  • Anonymous

    At last someone looking at it from the other end of the scale. For the power concern the main thing I’m seeing by people online is third party support. They are basically spinning a quote by Reggie and saying “ok it runs PS3 and 360 games but what about when the new systems come out?”

    Yeah the thing is there are some major key differences you need to consider than what happened last time. Wii launched when 360 was already in a dominating position. It originally had a good enough install base but the problem was power was stopping it. The difference here is Wii U is first and has the chance to become the dominant console before the others get here.

    What exactly does the power difference mean to companies like Capcom and Namco. Do you really think companies that make JRPGs are going to ignore Nintendo’s grasp on Japan when they tend to make more money on Nintendo than on Xbox anyway? Xbox not getting any type of hold in Japan is the reason why Tecmo was the only company which supported Xbox at the end. Heck if it wasn’t for Itagaki wanting the most powerful system you can wager DoA 3 and Ninja Gaiden would probably have come out on PS2.

    Its easy to spin the quote as the be all and end all but start thinking about this more realistically. Japanese publishers aren’t going to leave Wii U for 720 when (not only will it be far more expensive to develop for but) they will make more money on Wii U. Look at the bigger picture before saying the second the next two consoles hit Wii U will lose all forms of third party support. And using Gamecube isn’t justification because Gamecube had decent third party support (better than Dreamcast).

    Simply put: if you think Wii U will be a repeat of Wii for third party support your probably going to be proven wrong.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.lockett.925 Mark Lockett

    New games engines are made very scalable, able to work on a wide variety of devices, from high-end P.C.s to smartphones. As AAA games become more and more expensive, publishers are going to want to maximise returns by putting each game out on as many devices as is viable. This means the Wii U is very likely to get a large number of third party, cross-platform games. Add Nintendo’s own Exclusive games to this and a very smart approach to social content, something that I think will be seen as the Wii U USP in time, and the future is looking pretty god for Ninty. Secondly, if power was really so overwhelmingly important, we would all be playing on top=end P.C.s.

  • R443D

    People doubt the power of wii u because of its predecessor.

  • gamerfansinceatari

    The wii U is powerful and games like mario zelda and donkey kong as well as a new smash bros game will be the bestsellers because people love them but the problem is that the wii u will not get many games that ps3 and xbox has not because of power but because nintendo is still trying to keep the family impression of being a console for the whole family ages 5+