GTA 5 tops poll to define current generation

Since Rockstar first announced that they were working on Grand Theft Auto V fans have not only been trying to figure out who the protagonist will be or when it will be released but also what generation of console it will be on. It’s fairly obvious that GTA V will be a current generation game, but there was some confusion at first because of how slick the first load of screenshots looked.

Knowing that GTA 5 was always going to be coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 it makes sense for the game to be included in a list of games that will be the most defining to end the current generation. It also comes as no surprise that Rockstar’s upcoming title is topping an interactive poll, which you can see for yourself here.

There’s a list of 20 games in total and while GTA 5 might be the most anticipated of the bunch there are a handful of others that come pretty close, with Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes pretty close behind. The next closest is The Last of Us then Assassin’s Creed III, which comes as no surprise considering how much publicity each of these titles are getting, and while Grand Theft Auto V might not be to everyone taste, it’s easy to see why it’s in the number one spot.

The hype for the game has been truly amazing ever since that one and only trailer, and it seems that Rockstar is having success by just keeping silent (apart from a series of screenshots) something that also works for Apple. As we crave more information in regards to GTA 5 fans and we the media do all we can to learn more about the game, even if that means looking very closely into screenshots just to gain as much insight as we possibly can.

Rockstar had been silent for months regarding their upcoming title but in recent weeks we have seen a visual barrage and from what we have heard the fans have been very positive. Okay so it’s not exactly a new trailer like we had hoped, but that has not stopped the anticipation level for the game, and being number one in the poll mentioned above is certainly proof of this.

How did you vote, please give your reason as well?