iPhone 5 usability and improvement to games

If we’re to believe rumors then the iPhone 5 could be with us in just a matter of weeks, as Apple are to hold their keynote event next week. Love it or hate it this handset will be the most anticipated to hit the market, even more than the Galaxy S3 and Note 2. However if Apple is to enjoy the success they have had with their smartphones over the years then the iPhone 5 usability in terms of gaming will have to see a vast improvement.

For years now myself and millions of other iPhone users have been hoping for a larger screen, as trying to play games or just generally looking on the Internet can become tiresome with such a small screen, as a result it’s been more of a part-time mobile gaming device rather than a main one. However, rumors of a new larger 4-inch screen will be welcome by most iPhone users, but with the screen not being significantly larger than we had hoped how much will it help to improve the usability when it comes to gaming?

It wasn’t that long ago when we were being told that the upcoming iPhone would have to stick with the current size screen because of app developers having an issue with supporting a larger screen. However, it’s been suggested that Apple have managed to get around this issue by just making the iPhone 5 longer but sticking with the same width as previous models, making it much simpler for app developers to adapt their current apps.

So it looks as though Apple have finally bowed to pressure and will bring a larger display to the iPhone 5, but do you believe that they have gone in the right direction – if rumors are true of course? Personally I would prefer the 6th-generation iPhone to come with a 4-inch display but a full-width version like some of their rivals instead of a compromise. However, under no circumstances would I like to have a device as large as the Galaxy Note 2. The reason for this is because I would much rather a smartphone to feel comfortable in my pocket and after a while forget that it’s actually there – something that will never be the case with Samsung’s new Note 2.

Apple knows that gaming is and will still be an important part to their iPhone, and it’s not just the screen size that will be of importance to them. We also expect to see a faster CPU (hopefully the A6 chip) and also an increase to 1GB of RAM as well. However, one of the biggest improvements will come from iOS 6 and not the hardware, and that’s multiplayer gaming, but the true test is how it will match up to the Galaxy S 3?