BF3 patch, re-learning weapons again

Today is a big day for Battlefield 3 fans because not only will some of you be getting the new Armored Kill DLC, but you’ll also be treated to something a little extra, and that’s a new patch to coincide with the new content. However, it’s not all-good news because like other recent patches the weapons have been messed with, which means you will be re-learning the weapons once again.

While most of what the patch has to offer will keep most BF3 fans happy, there will be some who have started to grow tired of how many times the developers will be able to nerf assault rifles. The first time this was done would have been pretty awesome, but after doing it time and again we’re sure that some of you will be getting pretty annoyed by now?

Having said that let’s not look into the negatives so much and instead look for the positives, and there are certainly a number of those within this latest patch. Okay, we know that a majority of this patch is centered on the weapons, but the vehicles have seen a number of tweaks and fixes along with the UI as well.

The patch size for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC are as follows: 1.53GB, 1.44GB and 2.2GB. Both the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 have specific updates just for them, such as new rotation map settings and detailed server information. The Xbox also has something extra that Sony’s console has not got and that’s clickable promotional spot, which you will be able to see within the main menu. (see full patch notes)

Moving onto Battlefield 3 Armored Kill, if for some reason you have yet to download the latest DLC and need convincing to do so then maybe a selection of recently released screenshots and video (see below) should help sway your decision? If you’re into vehicle combat then you’re going to love the latest DLC, although those four new maps will help you put those new vehicles to good use.

The download size for Armored Kill for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC are 1.55GB, 1.56GB and 3.2GB respectively. Going back to the weapons which have now been patched, are you happy that their damage output and reload times have been adjusted yet again?


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