Skyrim Hearthfire: Modding comes to Xbox

To further rub salt into the wounds of PS3 owners who are still awaiting the release of Dawnguard (which could be a long wait) the second DLC for Skyrim named Hearthfire is here for the Xbox 360. The best way to describe this new content is that modding has finally come to the console, well the Xbox anyway.

When you’re told that you will be able to do some customization within The Elder Scrolls V for the 360, it’s very limited what you can change. When we first learned of Hearthfire and how you were able to build your own house we assumed that it was going to be like The Sims, but CVG has pointed out that it’s far from it. The reason they say this is because when you construct your own home in Skyrim you don’t get much choice in the matter and have to go through a “completely automated process.”

This new content is a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360, but that’s not really the case for those with a PlayStation 3, because Bethesda has already angered those users by saying they have no time scale for a release of even the first DLC. Hearthfire is no Dawnguard, but still it’s another DLC that will not make it to the PS3 and will only fuel their anger.

The size of this latest DLC is just 75MB, so it’s not like there’s going to be a huge amount of new content, but for 400 MSP who’s complaining? We’re not sure that such content will be wanted or needed for the PC, as they have a multitude of modding options open to them. Having said that this new DLC does bring with it some new dialogue, which will involve you having to talk to a steward in order to purchase property in Falkreath. When you begin your conversation with the steward she will inform you that you will need to hand over 5,000 gold in order to purchase a small plot of land.

There’s a lot more to the process, such as hiring a steward for your new house as well, which is explained in greater details in the second video below. One piece of advice though, if you try to purchase wood for one or two mills and are unsuccessful then keep persevering, the mill in Morthal would be your best chance.

Like we said previously Hearthfire is nowhere near as extensive as Danwguard, but it will keep you amused for a while. However, there’s no getting away from the fact that this DLC is very limited.


  • Kim

    Dude, horrible tag line. “Modding comes to
    Xbox”? That’s phishing! 😉

    I play Skyrim on PC and I will probably buy
    Hearthfire. I already have a couple of House mods but I only use the ‘Build
    your own home” house. It’s cool, but Hearthfire seems more detailed and
    polished; I guess that’s the difference between a free mod and a paid one?

    I also like the trophy room idea, and there
    seems to be more mannequins in this one (although the Asteria mod has more I

    The adoption feature is interesting, but I
    already have a child in real life, so I’ll pass on that one.

    But the best thing about Hearthfire is that
    it ends the exclusivity clause with Microsoft. Rumor has it that MS has been
    pulling some strings, so maybe now PS3 players will finally get their share?

  • matthew

    your loving this stupid bethesda

    • Kim


  • Andy Thompson

    Id like to make a point by saying I hope the rumours are true. this seems harsh but the fact that this has set PS usere back in content over nearly 2 months has not done them any favors and although buggy the ps version was still playable and gradually fixed given more time they could have figured this out and given them selfs a break by telling there fans what exactly what is wrong.

    • andrewi

      PS3 is still very hard to code for. Porting a game engine to PS3 is no easy task and I’m not surprised that patching (especially from Beth who make very open-world PC games which are usually kinda buggy on release) has taken so long. The DLc can only really arrive after the patching is done to the point where the vanilla game is solid and doesn’t need any more commits.