Favoring GTA 5 multiplayer over story length

Looking back at a recent story relating to Grand Theft Auto V, if we are to believe what we read and saw then there are fears that the story for GTA V could be shorter than we had hoped because of favoring multiplayer. Over the years those long campaigns has made the games what they are, but if there is some truth then how would it affect the franchise?

A few days ago a page appeared on the official Rockstar website that not only shared release date information for GTA 5 but also crucial details in regards to multiplayer support, well that’s what we was led to believe. However, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the image doing the rounds was fake, if it were true then surely Rockstar would have announced something by now?

In the image we could see that the new game from the series was to support 64 players on the PC and 32 on consoles, and while those who enjoy that kind of multiplayer support on games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, we cannot see Grand Theft Auto fans sharing in this excitement. To cut a long story short Rockstar will always want to favor the length of their campaigns, yes we know that multiplayer is important, but not for GTA.

There’s also another side to this as well, Rockstar has prided themselves on having a slick gaming experience, but it would be like that if there were a mass of gamers running around as this would most likely cause lag – something that the developers will always want to avoid?

When it comes to the rumors of GTA 5 being released before Christmas, this is looking less likely because of unforeseen issues during development. Now we’re not certain what this could be but we do hope that it’s not the same issues that Bethesda are having with the PS3 version of Skyrim – we’d hate to think the delay is all because of Sony’s consoles. Having said that we know that Rockstar will only announce the release date when they have almost completed it, so we could still get a surprise release over the holiday season.

What are your thoughts on multiplayer support, do you believe that by allowing too many players online would detract from the story or even that the story has been cut a little short in favor of multiplayer?

  • ???????????

    story over multplayer anyday all though i would love the story to be multiplayer for once it would spice it up a bit make thing interesting.

  • happygolucky26

    Even the brain trust that is the GTA Forums doesn’t believe that obviously fake “leak.” But then again they’re not desperate for page views. Oh gaming “journalism.” You never fail to amuse.

  • seabrook87

    Another pointless bit of news. And if this is true then I can guarantee that the PS3 is to blame for the delay. The PS3 was to blame for the delay of of GTA4 so no surprise there.

  • Clide Gearden

    The grammar in this article is horrendous!!!

    • Jason


  • James1811

    Dan Houser has expressed countless times that the main story will be ‘bigger and better than ever’ with multiplayer being drastically reworked and improved for an exceptional experience.

    Just because the multiplayer aspect is going to be given a overhaul and longevity psh doesn’t mean the single player will be deterred.