Free PES 2013 DLC code if pre-ordered

This summer has been an amazing season for sports thanks to not only the London 2012 Olympics but also the Paralympics as well, and what better way to complete the summer sportfest than by the release of two of the biggest sports games, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 and FIFA 13. If these two football/soccer games were competing in a race then it would be the former that would get out of the starting blocks early, but the latter is more of a long distance runner and is in it for the long game.

Konami has finally announced the official release date for PES 2013 (September 21st) on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, but they have yet to announce when other platforms will be getting the game. As a way to persuade fans to purchase the game there is to be some exclusive content to those who pre-order the game, which you will then have to redeem in order to take advantage of the DLC.

This incentive is a UEFA Champions League steelbook edition with the code offering the match balls used in the competition, but there will also be other essentials from that particular league. Those living in the UK and South America will also be able to get a Manchester United version of the steelbook as well, wonder how long it will be before there are other team version made available?

To help wet your appetite for PES 2013 we have embedded a video for you below that helps to highlight some in-game footage from the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo in action.

It’s obvious that any PES game will be compared to its FIFA counterpart and PES 2013 is no different. In the past the latter has always had to play second best to FIFA and while this still seems to be the case with this years versions, we can’t help feel that PES 2013 has made greater strides and could have closed the gap when compared to FIFA 13, but we can only truly tell later this month when the two franchises will go head-to-head once again.

Okay, so we know that the biggest issue Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is always going to be the licensing issue with football/soccer teams, but the franchise does have an added advantage when compared to FIFA, and that’s having Brazilian league squads, which we discussed in a recent article.

Do you think that PES 2013 will be able to close the gap in terms of gameplay and features when compared to FIFA 13?


  • tom

    pes is far better than fifa! I dont get why fifa has done better than pes I have given fifa a chance but its nowhere near as good.

  • Richard Davis

    It is out on the 21st Sept