Solitary Halo 4 map rehash, unlike COD

Over the years there has been great concern from the Call of Duty franchise when it comes to rehashing old maps, because while fans may be in favor of getting back to the action in some old map favorites, they hate the idea of having to pay for them yet again. 343 Industries must realize this because they are to release a solitary Halo 4 map rehash, which we have to say is very unlike COD.

Frank O’Connor revealed on his Twitter account that he knows what the map is and that it will be one of the larger ones, so we will let you draw your own conclusions as to which one it could be. We’d love to know what old favorite will make it to Halo 4, and to make the task even tougher we have no idea if it will be from Halo 1, 2 or even 3.

As you can see from the image above we have gone with Sandtrap from Halo 3, but the reason we have suggested this one is because it has been rehashed before under a different name. Sandbox was a much newer version but was very similar to Sandtrap, so just maybe 343i might want to polish this map up once more and show us what they have been able to do with this fan favorite?

There seems to be some fans who are in favor of seeing Blood Gulch but we’re not to certain on that because it was already remade in Reach’s forge, but then again we already explained how the likes of Sandtrap has been used again and again so who knows.

We do have high hopes for Halo 4 because 343i have been throwing everything and the kitchen sink into the development process, not only will the gameplay and graphics been improved but there will also be some great bonus content included as well. However, there’s a huge challenge ahead for Halo 4 because it will be going head-to-head with Black Ops 2 and even though the latter will have a greater reach, there’s no getting away from the fact that the excitement level for the former is much greater as it’s not just another yearly game being pumped out time and again.

What map would you like to see rehashed in Halo 4?

  • SenSimian

    I’m sorry, but Sandbox was not a remake of Sandtrap. They’re on the same god damn game for a start. Secondly, Sandbox was made as a prototype of Forge World, a space in which map creators could truly experiment in an open area.

  • The Bob

    I don’t see how competing with Black Ops 2 is a challenge.

  • facebook-731708027

    That only remakes I want are headlong, zanzibar, of course the infamous blood gultch.

  • Adriann

    I personally would love to see a map from Halo 3 remade in Halo 4, valhalla is a great one! Or last resort (zanzibar) or sandtrap.